Big Data Trends For 2017: How IT Staffing Solutions Can Help

big data trends 2017

The information technology sector is growing at an exponential rate, so staying on top of big data trends is key for both companies and job applicants. In order to stay relevant and continue to prosper, it’s important for organizations to ensure they are hiring talent that keeps pace with the rapidly changing IT industry. This means finding candidates who take initiative in learning about technological advances, new methods of data management, and are willing to bridge the knowledge gap when they face challenges at work. Similarly, job applicants should strive to consistently keep learning in accordance with new trends in order to ensure they are viewed as an asset to prospective employers.

Here are some of the top 10 big data trends for 2017 and how companies can strategize their hiring techniques to ensure they are prepared amidst these changes.

Organizations are leveraging data lakes to drive value

Companies are now looking to the lake for faster answers. Thus, they need employees who possess both business acumen and technical skills – since they need to carefully consider corporate outcomes before investing in personnel, data, and infrastructure. Due to the growing partnership between business and IT, more employers should look to hire candidates with an interdisciplinary skillset.

Rejection of one size fits all frameworks

This year, architectures have matured to reject one size fits all frameworks. Consequently, organizations need to respond to these hybrid needs in order to continue to thrive. This means they’ll need IT professionals who are proficient in analyzing data and conducting research (user personas, questions, frequency of access, volumes, speed of data, and level of aggregation) before committing to a data strategy.

Spark and machine learning light up big data

Because of the growth of artificial intelligence, more candidates who have experience with machine learning are needed. As systems are growing increasingly intelligent, more companies are seeking self-service software providers and engineers to see how they make this data approachable to end users.

The convergence of cloud and big data

A growing number of companies are deploying data on cloud services which is causing an increasing amount of opportunities for self-service analytics. As a result, there is a demand for cloud engineers who can create and develop analytical tools that connect and combine a variety of cloud-hosted data sources. This is extremely valuable as it allows organizations to visualize any type of data stored anywhere.

How can Live Assets cater to these trends for companies and job applicants?

In 2017, systems that support large volumes of data will continue to grow. The market will demand platforms that help organizations manage and secure big data, so it’s important for companies to ensure they are hiring individuals that can help lead them through these changes.

Live Assets can help ensure your company prospers through these dynamic technological changes by helping you find top talent that possesses the right skills and knowledge. If you are an IT professional, we can help you find an opportunity that accords with your talents and needs.