How to Stand Out During an IT Job Interview


As the digital world keeps changing, IT has to keep up-to-date to be able to tackle any new challenges. They have to keep a competitive advantage, but also improve and evolve the customer experience. CIOs understand that success is correlated to hiring the right IT talent.

However, the right talent isn’t just having experience or knowing technical work, but looking past those skills and highlighting soft skills: teamwork, adaptability, communication, etc. These characteristics are important when it comes to hiring the right IT talent.  

How can this help you during your IT job interview? IT leaders are always looking beyond the technical skills new hires bring and prioritize soft skills and qualities, such as what peaks your curiosity during an interview. But what can you do in an IT interview to highlight those soft skills?

Here are our top 5 things you can do to  stand out during an IT job interview:

Be honest

Sometimes overselling yourself as the know-it-all might not be the most effective way to build relationships. A little humility goes a long way. Being honest about your work is a great place to start. If you have admiration for the work of others– mention it! Speaking well of others is a great way to affirm relationships. Don’t undermine your ability, but having the ability to keep learning is what companies want. Asking questions and getting information about your skills is a great way to be remembered for a job opening you apply for.

Practice active listening

We all want to impress! In a job interview scenario, we want to convey a certain message and image, but it’s important to carefully listen. It may seem like a lost skill, but active listening is a powerful tool. The art of conversation begins with knowing how to listen – including when to talk, stop talking, and when to ask questions. When preparing for your interview, practice active listening and answering without interrupting.

Use positive body language

You would be surprised how many job candidates don’t understand the importance of body language. One factor to seriously consider is how you physically present yourself to others. Take notes of your posture, hands, and keeping your muscles relaxed as helps you exude confidence. Also, pay attention to your interviewer’s body language to help you measure whether or not you’re on the right track.  

Get branded

Be self-aware. You should know who you are and what your personal brand is. Ask yourself, “What are you known for?” It’s important to understand your own pros and cons, and how they are observed by others. Those who know their brand, skills and weaknesses are most likely to be hired. Have a personal brand where you can easily overcome weaknesses by knowing how to surround yourself with the right people.

Be yourself

Let your personality shine bright! It may sound cliche, but the biggest factor in an IT job interview is personality. Companies want to hire people that fit into their corporate culture. CIOs know from the moment people step into their office if they have the level of competency needed for the job. Having a personality and traits that are a balance of hard work, the ability to have fun in the workplace, and being able to build professional relationships are traits companies want.

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