IT Recruitment: 6 Ways to Retain IT Talent

IT employee working at his desk.

The IT sector is a highly competitive market, so it makes sense that companies are investing in IT recruitment solutions to ensure they are hiring top talent. But sourcing skilled candidates is only half the battle – employee retention plays an important role in a company’s success. Keeping your employees happy and motivated is key to retaining them for the long haul rather than losing them to competitors. With organizations investing so heavily in finding and training their staff, long-term retention is growing especially important.

Here are the top ways to retain top IT talent:

Offer flexible hours.

Flexible work hours are a key reason as to why many top IT companies are able to attract and retain top talent. Many people have family commitments or busy schedules outside of work and place a high value on being able to work from home. As well, it’s important to account for different personality types; while extroverts may thrive in a buzzing office environment, introverts may perform better if they have more time alone.

Include them in decisions.

Many good engineers possess strong opinions. They value having their voice heard and being able to collaborate when it comes to decision-making. Try to provide a platform for your employees whereby they can contribute towards developing solutions.

Provide a competitive compensation package.

Although salary is not everything, it is a very important part of employee retention. It’s important to ensure your staff are being paid a competitive salary for their skill level. Also, be sure to provide salary raises to incentivize top performing employees. This could include base salary, yearly bonuses, or stock. It’s also a good idea to budget for project-based bonuses at the beginning of the year to reward your employees for a job well done.

Avoid micromanaging.

Software developers tend to enjoy a certain level of freedom when it comes to problem-solving. Rather than micromanaging your staff, alert your team of the challenge you need resolved and let them decide how the problem should be handled.

Invest in training and provide access to new technologies.

Provide your staff with the resources and training to stay at the forefront of technological trends. Since IT employees generally have a passion for technology and tend to seek out opportunities whereby they can engage with the newest developments, it’s important to invest in training for your staff. This allows them to learn within your company and deters them from seeking new opportunities elsewhere.

Praise and acknowledge contributions.

It’s important to praise and acknowledge employees who demonstrate exceptional effort or commitment to a project. Encourage the departments within your company to celebrate victories and individual successes. If your staff is recognized and appreciated, they will be motivated to continue to work hard and feel loyalty towards their employer.

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