What makes us unique

There is a simple premise that smart companies look to attract and invest in talented people who prove to be assets for achieving growth and success. By the same token, competent and confident people seek to work for good companies that view their employees as assets. Live Assets was conceived on this premise, to serve employers and candidates that measure, think and act alike. Our difference in recruiting for the Information Technology industry lies in our large professional network and tailored approach.Live Assets is a boutique company specializing exclusively in staffing for the IT sector. We source the best people for our clients, strictly from our selective and ever-growing network of IT professionals that we and our talent pool personally know and highly recommend.

Moreover, we invest time and effort in understanding the culture of an employer and the needs and dynamics of the specific department or team that will host a new employee. This approach, which requires a strong employer and candidate orientation, ensures that whenever IT staffing needs occur, the value and fit which both employers and candidates look for is maximized. With bright technical people being the biggest asset your company can invest in to address technology related needs, Live Assets Founder and CEO Olga Fragis and her associates would welcome the opportunity to meet with you, introduce ourselves and engage in understanding your culture, needs and goals, and the kind of IT professionals you may be looking to hire in your organization. We are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, confident and committed to facilitate you in acquiring and retaining IT talent that will make things happen for your operations. In addition, we equally strive to find meaningful work for talented IT professionals who are interested in building a career with employers that view and treat their people as “live assets”.