Working with us is an experience!

Many IT professionals have negative experiences from encounters with recruiters, who act as “head hunters” and care only about their own and the employers’ interests, without any real concern for people’s employment needs and career aspirations.

We respect, listen and care!

Live Assets is a company specializing exclusively in Information Technology Staffing, with solid knowledge of the IT sector and its dynamics. It is built on the philosophy of its founder and lead executive, Olga Fragis, to treat both candidates and employers alike – as true partners. Olga’s business philosophy, put in practice over the past 20 years, has yielded a large and ever growing network of IT professionals who trust her, and her company, to represent them effectively to employers.

Live Assets Commitment to our Candidates

  • We conduct our business in a highly professional and respectful manner.
  • We value candidates and employers equally as our clients.
  • We keep your job search as a candidate strictly confidential.
  • We inform candidates on our database about opportunities that match their professional profile.
  • We solicit resumes from qualified candidates – only for REAL jobs.
  • We take the time to listen and understand your employment needs and career goals.
  • We never send your resume to any employer without your prior consent.
  • We meet with qualified candidates in person to discuss a current job opportunity that fits their technical skills, career level and interests, compensation, preferred location, etc.
  • We do not misrepresent our candidates to employers. We are not “head hunters”; we are Information Technology Staffing Specialists – professionals with considerable knowledge and field experience.
  • We coach and prepare candidates before they meet with prospective employers.
  • We keep candidates posted at all times throughout the screening and selection process.
  • We negotiate on behalf of our candidates with employers and strive to attain a win-win outcome.
  • We keep in touch with the IT professionals we place and foster long-term relationships with all our clients (the Power of the Live Assets Network).