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Achievable Goals for IT Professionals (30 Examples)

September 3, 2022 -

Examples of Professional Goals to Set For Yourself


If you strive to improve your professional life and become a more skilled employee, goal-setting is a must. Implementing SMART and attainable goals will give you the motivation and drive to develop your skills, become a more desirable employee, and even land the job of your dreams. Goal-oriented employees are highly sought after. These professionals are incredibly self-motivated, engaged and have higher productivity levels.


In this article, we’ll touch upon the two primary types of career goals: short-term and long term and go through some examples you can implement in your career.



Short-term goals:


Short-term goals are an excellent method for accomplishing your long-term goals. Using short-term goals breaks down your over-arching goal into more manageable steps. Achieving your short-term goals will give you the motivation and momentum to keep up with your long-term goals. You can use these kinds of goals to track your progress and assess areas of improvement. While time frames can vary, short-term goals can ideally be accomplished in less than a year.



15 examples of short-term goals


  1. Find a mentor
  2. Get a certificate or license
  3. Improve your work-life balance
  4. Familiarize yourself with a new piece of technology
  5. Improve your written communication skills
  6. Re-organize your workstation
  7. Attend a conference or networking event
  8. Tackle a personal project
  9. Read more books or information about your industry or field
  10. Re-vamp your resume
  11. Publish articles in your field
  12. Apply for an internship
  13. Achieve a key performance indicator (KPI)
  14. Revamp your online image 
  15. Create a blog



Long-term goals


Unlike short-term goals, long-term career goals are ones you achieve over a long period. Even taking years, if you have a long-term goal, it’s helpful to create a career path so you can have a plan of attack.


15 examples of long-term career goals


  1. Create a personal brand for yourself
  2. Earn a degree in your desired field
  3. Land a promotion and move up in your company
  4. Gain leadership experience
  5. Speak at a conference
  6. Establish yourself as an industry expert
  7. Make a career switch
  8. Achieve financial stability
  9. Learn a new language
  10. Earn a pay raise
  11. Master a new coding language
  12. Start your own business or side hustle
  13. Gain global experience
  14. Become a mentor
  15. Grow a strong network



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