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Find your Work-Life Balance with a Staffing Agency

July 17, 2021 -

To achieve a healthy mind, body and soul, you need to have a work-life balance. Suppose the pandemic taught us anything it’s that we should spend more time doing things we love and with those we love. It seems as if we are on work mode 24/7 and never have any time to unplug. As our world becomes faster paced maintaining a work-life balance is becoming seemingly harder. Or is it? The solution – recruitment and staffing agencies.


A staffing agency isn’t just about finding people jobs and finding businesses employees. While that is their primary purpose, they also offer so many unspoken benefits that encourage work-life balance.



When working with a staffing agency, you can choose what jobs you want to take if you are in between contracts and wish to take a vacation or need to deal with family matters, no worries! You are under no obligation to accept every job opportunity. If a regular 9-5 office job isn’t for you, a staffing agency can help you find a position that suits your needs. Whether you want a position with night shifts or looking for something remote, you deserve to find meaningful work that will help balance your life.


Controlled Work Hours

Many companies use staffing agencies to reduce the overtime hours of their permanent employees. As a candidate working with a staffing agency, you are afforded this same luxury. With work more evenly distributed, you don’t have to worry about over-extending yourself. Similar to my previous point, a staffing agency will work with you to find a position that meets your needs. There is no more need to sacrifice and make compromises out of necessity for a job. With all their connections, a staffing agency will find numerous opportunities for you to choose from.


Less work/time for applying for jobs

If you are an active job seeker, gone are the days you have to spend hours scouring Indeed and other job sites. Let’s be honest writing countless cover letters and tweaking your resume for each position you apply to is tiring. And do we even need to mention the amount of hiring managers you won’t even hear back from? A staffing agency can help you with your resume and bring the job opportunities right to your fingertips.


Finding new opportunities:

A lot of people find their current job not satisfactory to giving them a work-life balance. Unfortunately, job hunting is time-consuming and sticking with a job can feel like the easier option. A recruitment or staffing agency can find a new position for you much faster than traditional job hunting. With many jobs being temporary contracts, this allows you to work in different environments. A staffing agency can also help you find a variety of positions you might not even know existed. IT staffing agencies strive to find the perfect fit for you, from tech support to architects and engineers and possibly even CIO positions.



Get in touch with an IT Recruitment Agency such as Live Assets | IT Staffing Solutions to find out the other many benefits we can offer.



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