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4 Employer Trends to Rule 2023

January 3, 2023 -

Employer Trends for 2023


A biannual survey from consulting firm Robert Half finds that over half (60%) of Canadians are looking to find new jobs in the first half of 2023. This figure had doubled since earlier this year when only 31% stated they were seeking out new opportunities.

With the past few years filled with so much uncertainty, these four trends will be at the top of employers’ minds for the new year.



One of the most significant factors that contribute to employee happiness is development. More and more people are looking to work for companies that support their career advancement. Providing upskilling opportunities such as funds for continuing education or company ran workshops.

Companies will start to foster a work culture that encourages learning. This culture shift helps employees succeed in their roles and careers while benefitting the organization.

With this year’s tight job market, employers were challenged with attracting the best talent. Thinking long-term about upskilling through offering growth opportunities helps companies stay competitive while improving their current team’s efficiency.


Focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) 

DEI efforts are hugely important to organizations and their success. In 2020 we saw a rise in organizations focusing on how they can make adequate space for DEI, but this focus has been lost since then. Improving an organization’s DEI is no short venture but requires long-term work. Going into 2023, businesses will need to step up their game in reinforcing the foundation they previously laid.

Job seekers hold higher standards for the organizations they apply to. They want to work for companies that genuinely care and aren’t just performative in their efforts. If hiring managers and employers cannot clearly define the work being done to better the company’s diversity, it is an indication that more work needs to be done. Employers should be prepared to answer any questions candidates may have about their DEI initiatives.


Mental wellbeing

Employee mental health will be a huge focus for 2023. The pandemic caused a lot of strain on employees. From mass layoffs to overflowing workloads at reduced pay, Covid brought a time of economic uncertainty that left devastating effects on mental health.

Since 2020 the world is starting to bring our workplaces back to pre-pandemic status. Canada’s unemployment rate currently sits at 5.2%, a considerable decrease from 2020’s 9.58%. The lack of stability employees faced during Covid took a massive toll on their mental well-being. As we continue to recover, we mustn’t lose this progress. But we also don’t want to revert to the way things were before Covid.

There have been many discussions about mental health in the workplace and employers’ responsibility to their staff. Moving forward, employers should focus on supporting their employee’s mental wellbeing and fostering a culture that destigmatizes mental health challenges.


A focus on benefits

Employees place high importance on the benefits they receive in their compensation packages.

A Glassdoor study found that around 60% of participants strongly consider benefits and perks before accepting job offers. Employers who want to gain leverage will consider more unique benefits and perks to offer, such as flexible hours, unlimited PTO, wellness programs and more. Investing in employee perks and benefits will create a less stressful, healthier and happier team.



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