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January 23, 2023 -

How to work with a recruitment agency to hire in-demand talent


Top talent is in demand, and with the plethora of job vacancies, they have their choice of opportunities. To stay competitive in a tough labour market, you need to be strategic. Working with a recruitment agency might be the solution to optimize your recruiting process and welcome the best talent to your team.



Benefits of working with a recruitment agency


  1. Industry knowledge and experience 

Staffing agencies are dedicated to keeping up to date on industry knowledge. When you work with a staffing agency, you automatically gain access to this knowledge and benefit from their expertise. With agencies keeping tabs on the competition and trends, they can make recommendations to better your productivity.

  1. Save time and money 

Although clients pay for their services, a recruitment agency can actually save you time and money. Recruiting and hiring alone can be lengthy, and efficiency is vital when time equals money. Working with a recruitment agency can decrease turnover and training costs.

  1. ‘Try before you buy

A staffing agency can help you fill a variety of positions, whether they be permanent or temporary. Hiring a temporary employee through a staffing agency allows you to give a probation period before extending any permanent offers. This period gives you a chance to evaluate their skills with no obligations. Sort of a ‘try before you buy’ if you will. Even if a candidate is technically qualified, they might not always mesh well with the company. Traditional interviews don’t always allow you to see specific weaknesses. Bringing on a temporary worker supplied by a staffing agency will enable you to confirm they are qualified as stated and their personality matches.

  1. Ready-to-hire Network 

Recruiting agencies already have a massive network of people at their fingertips. Live Assets has a database of 15,000+ talented candidates seeking work in technology. Our database is comprised of diverse candidates, all with their own unique skill sets. What feels like an endless Rolodex of candidates ready to be selected of both passive and active job seekers.

If your company is working on a project that requires a particular skill set that isn’t currently present in the office, then a staffing agency is the place to turn to. Training a current staff member can be time-consuming and put a dent in your project plans. Hiring a new employee can also take an indefinite amount of time.


What to look for in a recruitment agency 


You don’t want to pick just anyone when it comes to helping you find the best talent. Follow these tips to find the best recruitment agency for your goals:


  • Previous clients. What’s their track record look like? Who have they successfully hired for in the past? The agency should have a list of these past partnerships. Live Assets has provided staffing solutions for major brands such as Loblaws, Indigo, BDC, and many others.
  • Strong network. An effective and knowledgeable recruiter stays connected with people they’ve helped find opportunities. Maintaining these relationships ensures they have a ready-for-hire pool of talent. Check sites like Glassdoor to see what candidates have to say.
  • Attention to detail. A great recruiter will spend time getting to the bottom of who you are and your organization’s needs. Live Assets takes a human-centric approach to understanding the wants and needs of our clients. People are a company’s greatest asset, and its essential to take the time to



What is the best Toronto recruitment agency?

Live Assets is a boutique IT Staffing/Recruiting firm specializing exclusively in building IT teams of excellence for the Information Technology sector.

We are a small, but productive team that works closely together and has had a 96% success rate for the past number of years!

We have a diverse number of clients and industries and focus on both full-time and contract I.T. opportunities.

You can find out more about our company on LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook –Youtube – Glassdooor

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