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How to Accept Your Job Offer (2022)

August 28, 2022 -


What to consider before accepting a job offer?


Receiving a job offer is exciting. It can mean finally gaining employment after time away, or maybe it’s a role that will help you get to your dream job. But before you accept that job offer, take a step back and be sure you understand the job offer process and the necessary elements for your acceptance.


As you continue reading, we’ll review job offer stages and what to include in your offer acceptance to ensure both professionalism and enthusiasm for the position.



4 stages of a job offer


1. Verbal offer – If the hiring manager likes what they see from you, they will most likely call you and give a verbal offer. This call will probably come within a week after the interview, and you’ll also have the opportunity to ask any immediate questions you may have. You do not need to accept right away when given a verbal offer.


2. Formal offer – After your verbal offer, you will be emailed a formal written offer. This offer will include job title, salary, start dates and any benefits offered. Take your time to review this information, and don’t sign until you fully agree to all the terms and conditions.


3. Negotiation – the job offer might not have been precisely what you were looking for. Negotiation is a prevalent part of the hiring process, and most employers expect it. Whether you were looking for higher pay or different benefits, you do have the option to negotiate. Before negotiating, do your research based on similar positions in your location to ensure you are given a realistic and appropriate counteroffer.


4. Acceptance – The final step. If any of the offer’s conditions were negotiated, you should receive a new offer that reflects these changes. If you feel ready to accept the offer, it is time to sign it and send it back to the hiring manager.



Accepting a Job Offer Through Email


Use a clear subject line

Keep your subject line concise and one that indicates the contents of your email. It’s wise to include your name and that this is an offer acceptance email. A great example to use is “Acceptance for – [Your Name].” Ultimately you want your email to inform the recipient what your message is and who you are.


Thank the employer 

Begin showing gratitude for interviewing with you and for the opportunity to work with the company. Your offer letter is a great way to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position, which will set the tone for your employment.


Agree to the conditions of employment

In your email, you should include a sentence or two acknowledging you’ve accepted the listed terms of employment. You can reference the salary, benefits and any other perks offered. Be sure also to include your start date. If you are currently employed, coordinate with your current employer on your end date as well.


Accept offer

Sign the offer with either a digital or a scanned version of your signature to make your acceptance official. Close your acceptance with one last thank you to the employer, and you can officially announce your new employment!



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