How to Answer “How do you like to be managed?”

September 19, 2022 -

“How do you like to be managed?”


During your interview, employers might ask questions that aim to understand your work environment preferences. If your preferences align with their current culture, you might be a good fit. Crafting a well-thought-out answer will impress the employer and set expectations for a healthy work relationship and environment.


Why do employers ask this question?

It all goes back to cultural fit. Every employer has their own management style, which not every employee will align with. Employers that ask this care about employee happiness and fostering positive and strong work relationships.


How to answer


Think back to previous managers and use examples

If you’re unsure where to start, think back to your previous managers and employers. Reflect on your experiences and how your managers improved or worsened your work experience. To help start the thinking process, begin by asking yourself these questions:


  • What did they do well?
  • What would I change about their management style?
  • How did they help me succeed in my position?


Using what you have written down, use some examples to strengthen your answer. If there was a manager you really liked working under, explain a situation where they aided your success. When referencing examples, the STAR method is your best bet for forming impressive and well-thought-out responses.


Research team culture

Check out what the company’s current culture is like. Looking at their social media, website and posts from prominent company figures, you can assess their current management culture. If you see things, you align with jot them down and include them in your response. Online reviews from employees are a huge asset and help you decide if the company is right for you.


Avoid any negative talk

Avoid any statements that start with “I don’t like “or “I hate when.” Instead, focus on what management strategies or styles do work for you. If you must speak about a negative experience, spin it into a positive one. If you had a poor experience with a manager, shift the conversation to what you’ve learned about yourself from that experience.


Be specific and honest

Don’t just say, “I’m happy with any management style.” If an employer is asking you this, they are looking for a genuine answer, so be specific. Giving vague answers only shows a lack of thought, a very undesirable quality. For your happiness, it’s essential, to be honest, so you find a company most compatible with your values and work styles.



“I’m always looking to grow and expand my skills, so I appreciate leaders and managers who act as mentors. As I’m open to feedback and criticism, and I work best under a manager who fosters an environment of learning and growth and one who is willing to guide me in my development as a professional.”



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