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6 Tips for Landing your Next Remote Job

February 26, 2022 -


How to land a remote job in Canada


Remote work comes with many benefits, like freeing you from geographical constraints. Including remote work in your job search opens so many doors to new opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have known about.


6 tips to help you land a remote job in Toronto:

  1. Understand the terminology
  2. Refine your schedule
  3. Be aware of scams
  4. Finding the right source
  5. Craft a remote-friendly resume
  6. Work with a recruitment agency



Understand the terminology

There are so many ways to say “remote work” be sure you are familiar with the different terminology and their meanings. If you are looking for a


Some common terms to look out for are:

  • Work-from-home: you work at home
  • Distributed workforce: entire staff works remotely
  • Virtual job or online job: all work is completed online or in a virtual office
  • Work-from-anywhere: Job has no geographical constraints
  • Agile/hybrid workforce: a flexible schedule including a combination of remote and in-office work


Refine your schedule:

Now that we understand some of the different terminology, it’s time to decide what your ideal work schedule looks like. Do you want to work from home 100% of the time or just half the week? Once you figure out what you want your schedule to be, you can better filter out jobs whose work schedules don’t align with yours.


Be aware of scams

The category of remote work tends to attract scammers. While remote work is becoming more common, make sure to watch out for those trying to take advantage.

Common scams may include:

  • Secret shopper
  • Rebate processing
  • Product testing or reshipping


These scams are also fairly consistent with each other both in the language and methods they use to con people.


Look out for:

  • Phrases such as “unlimited earning potential,” “investment opportunities,” or “quick money.”
  • Being asked for personal financial information such as your social insurance number in the early stages of the application
  • You are offered a job without anyone contacting or asking for references.


Be sure to do your due diligence and research each company before applying.


Finding the right source

When applying to jobs, most people’s first instinct is to look up online job boards. Job search platforms like Indeed specializing in remote and flexible work is a great jumping-off point. To broaden your search some more, look over company career pages and filter for words like “flexibility” and “work-life balance.” You can also reach out to those in your network who are working remotely. They might know of some openings or at the very least have some advice to share with you.


Craft a remote-friendly resume

Once you have found some jobs to apply to, it’s time to craft your resume. A successful remote employee requires some different skills than in-office jobs. You should have a customized resume highlighting your remote skills and experience for every job you apply to. Be sure to refer to any prior remote experience in your cover letter. In your resume, you should include a section emphasizing your technology skills. Skills should reflect your comfortability with technology, ability to troubleshoot, all the relevant programs you are familiar with and other remote-specific tools you are well versed in. Don’t forget about those soft skills! Skills like time management, problem-solving, written communication skills and self-motivation are just some of the skills remote employers look for.


Work with a recruitment company

A foolproof way to get the remote job of your dreams is to work with a recruitment agency. All industries offer different levels of remote work. For no charge, an IT recruitment agency like Live Assets | IT Staffing Solutons can help you navigate the complexities of remote work and help you avoid any hassle. If you are looking to make a career change in the tech industry, Live Assets can get you prepared and ready to land your dream job.



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