5 Tips to Succeed in your Job Hunt

When looking for a new job, there is a lot of pressure to find one fast. Finding your dream job while also trying to stand out from other candidates can seem impossible. The key to successful job hunting is organization, persistence and confidence. Be patient and consider the following six tips in your next job hunt.


Understand your goals

Don’t just aimlessly apply to jobs. Before starting your search, make a list of your career goals and what you need to achieve them. It would be best to keep in mind what perks or benefits you are looking for from a job. For example, if you want a shorter commute, you will need to limit your job search to companies closer to the area. Factor in what is and isn’t negotiable for you. Ultimately you want to be a good fit for the job, and there’s no sense in wasting time applying to dead-end jobs.


Clean up your resume

If it’s been a while since your last job hunt, then it’s time to dust the cobwebs and revamp your resume. Take a look back at what skills or experiences you have gained since you last updated your resume. Although it can be tiresome, customize your resume for every job you apply to. You want your resume to be as flawless as possible. Even the simplest of mistakes can set a poor impression.


Get organized

If you are actively searching and applying to multiple jobs, it can get pretty hectic. Create an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all jobs applied for. Include information such as company name, position applied for and interview dates. You can also include whether or not you received a job offer. Keeping all this information in one space will keep you organized and stay on top of everything.


Utilize social media

LinkedIn should probably be your first stop with this one. You can update your profile to show that you are open to work. However, make this a private setting if still employed. LinkedIn has a job board making it easy to save job postings and set reminders to apply. The app can also be an excellent tool for preliminary research on the companies you apply to. Looking at their posts or articles they share can give you a sense of their company culture and core values. While you’re at it, reach out to some connections in your network, as you never know what opportunities could come your way.


Prepare references

Gather at least three contacts to use as references. If currently employed, it is highly suggested to avoid using your current boss or supervisors as references. Be sure to get your contacts’ permission and give them a heads up if they should be expecting any calls. Whether you landed the job or not, follow up with your references and thank them for their help.


Work with a recruiting agency

We all know how tiring job hunting is. With a recruiting agency, job hunting is a breeze. There can be a lot to stay on top of, from the countless resume edits to the dozens of cover letters. An agency will assist you with crafting that flawless resume and place you in a job much faster than if you did it alone. Working with an agency comes with many other benefits, such as finding a work-life balance or even helping new graduates break into the industry.



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