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5 Tips for Successful Online Networking

September 6, 2021 -

Professional networking is a great tool to advance your career. If you meet the right people, you never know what opportunities can arise. Even if you are not looking to make any career advancements, meeting and discussing ideas and practices with other like-minded professionals can be rewarding. Networking can be daunting at first but know it comes with great benefits.


With Covid-19, more and more businesses are going remote, and so is the way we network.

Due to the current circumstances, online networking has taken off. While traditional networking isn’t obsolete there, we can see a lot of crossover between the virtual and physical world.


If you are new to online networking or looking to brush up your skills, check out the following tips:


Find the right channels

Not all platforms are an appropriate space for networking, so choose wisely. For instance, dating apps probably aren’t the best choice. However, LinkedIn is a safe bet. The platform was designed for this purpose and is perhaps the most popular app for professional networking. While most people don’t associate social media like Twitter or Instagram with professionalism, they can be another tool. Participating in online forums is another great way to meet people with similar goals in mind organically.


Refine your online presence

First things first, you need a professional online presence. Clean up that LinkedIn profile. Upload a professional profile photo and provide a clear call to action in your summary section. Regardless of what platform you choose, it must be evident that your profile is for professional use. If you have personal accounts, be aware of what you post and how you might be perceived. A quick solution is to change the privacy settings so only friends and followers can access these accounts.


Virtual coffee chats

Pop that coffee pod into your Keurig and log in to Zoom. Virtual coffee chats can not only help maintain social distancing but might even make meeting with connections easier. Online meetings can allow for more flexibility. You no longer have to carve out enough time to commute to a meeting spot, have a chat and commute back to wherever you need to go. As long as you have a computer and a good internet connection you can meet from anywhere.


Quality over quantity

Often people want to get to the 500+ connections status on LinkedIn. Just because you have gained many followers or ‘connections’ doesn’t mean they are genuinely part of your network. In other words, don’t add people just for the sake of adding someone.

The goal is to make meaningful relationships. Stay engaged online and foster these connections.


Be a resource

Your network connections can be an excellent source of advice and support. But this isn’t a one-way street. To avoid cutting ties with people, reciprocate this support. Stay engaged online. Share interesting articles you find or comment on a connections job update. If a connection has completed a project that’s inspired or helped you in some way, share it. It’s as simple as a click of a button!



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