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How to Humbly Answer “Why Are You a Great Match for This Role?”

November 27, 2022 -

How to answer, “Why are you a great match for this role?”



In any interview, the ultimate goal is to impress recruiters and prove why you’re the perfect match for the job. Sometimes interviewers will ask, “why are you a great match for this job?”.

Alternatively, recruiters might also phrase the question as “why are you the best candidate for the job” or “why should we hire you?”. They seem like silly questions considering the role of an interviewer is to assess which candidates are suitable for the job. Shouldn’t they be able to tell if you’re a match or not?


Why do interviewers ask, “Why are you a great match for this role?”


Hiring managers will ask this question to see if you understand the role’s demands. Hiring managers know what they’re looking for and want to assess which candidates’ answers match.


Between your resume and additional background checks, interviewers and recruiters can only do so much when piecing together a candidate’s compatibility. You might include information in your answer that isn’t readily available in your application package. This is why making yourself stand out as a unique and strong candidate is essential.


Tips for answering “Why are you a great match for this role?”


Know what the company is looking for and customize your skills to this 

Interviewers want to know if you understand the role and what the company is looking for in all employees. It will be quite challenging to craft an effective answer if you don’t know what a good match looks like. Researching the company beforehand will give you the insight you need. You should try pulling information from as many sources as possible. Be sure to check the organization’s website, LinkedIn, and any other social media platforms they have.


Try incorporating any new information you learn as you work through the interview. Doing so will help you focus your response better and demonstrate soft skills like active listening.


Focus on the value you can add

You probably have a ton of skills and experiences in your toolbox that can be helpful to the role but can they directly solve the company’s problems? An effective approach is to explain your strengths in the context of contributing to the company. As per your resume, a hiring manager can see your skills and qualifications, but what’s important is showing how you plan to use those skills.


Provide examples

Just stating what your strengths are isn’t enough. Using concrete examples to highlight your strengths is essential to impressing recruiters. They want to know the impact you can make.

Using the STAR interview response method, you can concisely explain the situation, task or problem, action you took and results or impact you made based on your strengths.


Avoid comparisons

It’s not necessary or helpful to compare yourself to other candidates when answering this question. The question asks why you are the best match, not why others aren’t. Hiring managers might find comparisons rude or disrespectful to the other candidates. Instead, focus your answer on yourself.


Don’t be afraid to brag (humbly, of course). 

Many people worry about sounding boastful or arrogant when sharing their accomplishments and strengths. But don’t worry. It’s okay to give yourself a humble brag. Hiring managers are looking for people who are confident in their expertise. Remember you’re trying to prove why you are the best candidate; it is a job interview, after all.



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