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An Introverts Guide to Networking

November 6, 2022 -

Networking Tips for Introverts


Networking as an introvert can be a nightmare. Approaching people and talking about yourself is not on an introvert’s list of favourite activities. Networking is a big part of advancing your career, and even though it might not be your favourite thing to do, it’s a great skill to master.


In this article, we’ll discuss 8 tips for networking as an introvert:

  1. Choose the right setting
  2. Take breaks
  3. Bring a friend
  4. Look approachable
  5. Quality over quantity
  6. Play to your strengths
  7. Follow up
  8. Be yourself


  1. Choose the right setting

Not all network settings work for everyone. To make the most of your experience, play to your strengths and put yourself in situations you’ll best thrive in.

For in-person networking, you can decide whether larger or smaller events are better. Or maybe one-on-one coffee chats are more your speed.

You want to get the most out of your networking experience. It won’t be productive if you’re feeling on edge the whole time. Being in your own home and behind a screen can put you at ease and boost your confidence. With social media sites like LinkedIn and video call platforms like Zoom, online networking is equally effective as in-person events.

  1. Take breaks

If you’re at an in-person networking event, don’t force yourself to go 100% the whole time. If you feel overwhelmed, finish your discussion and politely excuse yourself. Take a few moments to grab a refreshment if available or step outside for a breath of fresh air. Don’t take too long, as you can fully recharge and decompress when you get home.

  1. Bring a friend

If you feel too socially awkward going alone, bring a friend! Having a familiar face in a room of strangers can keep you grounded and help you break the ice. They can start conversations, introduce you to people and even hype you up. Think of them as your ‘wingman.’

  1. Look approachable

If you struggle to approach people, let them come to you. For this to happen, you have to look approachable. One of the first steps is putting that phone away. It’s so tempting to go off to a corner alone and scroll through your phone but try your best not to do this.

Take a walk around, observe, look attentive, and wear a smile. Keep your body language open, making it more likely for someone to approach you first.

  1. Quality over quantity

Don’t force yourself to chat with everyone in the room. You’ll exhaust yourself and probably won’t make any actual connections. Instead, focus on having meaningful conversations with others.

Set reasonable goals for yourself. If you leave with only just 1 or 2 new connections, it’s much better in the long run than having 30 disingenuous conversations.

  1. Play to your strengths

Introverts tend to be phenomenal observers and listeners. When was the last time you had a conversation and felt the other person was completely present? Active listening can make people feel valued and can help you uncover problems people are facing that you could be the key to solving. Putting the phone away and using those active listening skills is an excellent way to network.

  1. Follow up

You need to maintain your connections. After the event, send a follow-up email or message. To make a good impression, reference any points of discussion you had and let them know you enjoyed meeting them. Moving forward, you can send them job opportunities or other opportunities you think they would be interested in.

  1. Be yourself

Don’t be someone you’re not. You might think you need to become this more outgoing version of yourself, but it will make you appear fake.

There’s no harm in admitting you’re feeling a bit nervous. Odds are you’re not the only introvert in the room. There are tons of other people also feeling out of their comfort zone.




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