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7 Reasons Job Seekers Should Work with a Recruitment Agency

May 7, 2022 -

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Job hunting is stressful. From all the researching, writing cover letters, customizing your resume, answering application questions, interview prep and then some job hunting requires an extreme level of patience and a strong work ethic. If you’re looking to avoid job hunting burnout, you should consider teaming up with a specialized recruitment agency.


What is a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency is an organization that finds qualified and suitable employees to fill vacant jobs for various employers. Recruitment agencies can be specialized, such as Live Assets | Staffing Solutions which recruits for the information technology industry.


Get your leg in the door

Advertised jobs attract large pools of applicants, which causes the need for applicant tracking systems (ATS), a system built to sort through resumes and applications only choosing candidates suited for the job. Candidates deemed suitable by the system submitted resumes that contained keywords that matched the ones in the system. ATS can make it tough to get your resume into the hands of the hiring manager and secure the first interview. Using their connections, recruiters can bypass this system and directly submit your resume to employers, increasing your chances of success.


Saves you time

Although searching and applying for jobs online can be a great strategy in your job hunt, it still isn’t as efficient or quick as working with a recruitment agency. It’s also not guaranteed the jobs you find will be the jobs you love. Recruiters directly work with candidates to find them jobs that fit their skill set and fit in with their career goals.


Recruiters with advanced skills and experience can quickly assess candidates’ compatibility to open jobs. If they deem you a good match, the staffing agency can connect you to the hiring team much faster than job hunting alone.


Access to insider knowledge 

Before a job interview, it’s encouraged to research the company for insights such as notable projects or company culture and values. Being well researched demonstrates preparedness, leadership and professionalism – all traits and skills employers seek. As much as you try to prepare, sometimes the company’s lack of online presence can limit your research. Recruiters will already have all this information. Agencies have personally gathered this information from discussions and consultations with their clients. Recruiters gladly offer this information to candidates who can later use it to provide informed and well-rounded answers during their interviews.


Tap into the hidden job market

It’s estimated that 80% of available jobs aren’t advertised to the public. This is the hidden market. Although there are ways you can access unadvertised jobs without the help of a staffing firm, you will find it tedious and time-consuming work. When working with a recruiter, you unlock unadvertised jobs and will have access to the various employers that hire exclusively through recruitment agencies.


Receive personal support and guidance 

A good staffing firm will take the time to know its candidates beyond the surface level. Your recruiter should take the time to learn and guide you through your career goals. As they understand your wants and needs, they can aid you in creating and executing your career plan. When you work with a recruiter, particularly a specialized one, you will gain access to their expansive knowledge. If you’re unsure about job prospects, a recruiter can analyze your skillset and recommend roles that align—struggling with the application process? A recruiter can offer tips like how to format your resume or how to showcase your strengths best for the prospective role.


As a result of this personalized guidance, you will find better-matched jobs and companies. Working for companies that align with your professional and personal values makes for a fulfilling and rewarding career which contributes to your overall wellness.


Useful ongoing relationship

When you find the right recruitment agency you will probably stick with them for the long term. As your recruiter comes to know you, they will soon be able to predict jobs suitable to you and your career development. This ongoing relationship ensures you always have someone in your corner throughout your professional career. You will also find it beneficial to know someone’s keeping an eye out on the job market and can inform you of any significant changes or promising opportunities.


Get feedback on resume and interview skills 

You’ll most likely find yourself searching for jobs more than once throughout your career. This process can be highly draining mentally and physically, and it can be hard to tell if your efforts are effective. It’s more common than not for employers to ghost candidates after rejection, making it even more impossible to learn and grow in your job search and interview strategies.


Recruiters are experts on all things hiring and job searching. Their years of experience and knowledge allow them to know exactly what employers are looking for and use this knowledge to guide you from the application process all the way to the interview. A skilled recruiter knows how to provide criticism constructively and can offer guidance to help you improve until you find the job of your dreams. So even if you aren’t successful right away, every job interview will be a learning experience and another chance to improve and further perfect your job search techniques.



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