Let’s Talk Business: Information Technology Sector

This plays an important part in virtually every aspect of our lives.

Of course, I’m talking about the information technology sector, or IT. The IT sector is made up of companies producing software, hardware or semiconductor equipment, and companies providing internet or related services. According to numerous sources, these related companies are leading the economic growth we currently experience.

Think about your daily life. How important is your computer, your handheld smart device, and the vast amount of information at your fingertips. There are specialized software programs that make running certain businesses easier. There is a world of Apps we rely on for everything from instant news and weather forecasts, to travel planning and help in selecting shopping and dining experiences.

Locally, we are experiencing growth in all things technology and making a name for ourselves in the process. Here are some examples.

Southeast Missouri State University is dominating state-wide cyber security contests. Their coaching helped a group of students from Cape Central do the same at the high school level.

Codefi continues to influence our area in many ways and across multiple age groups. Their coding camps are in several regional junior high schools and producing great results. And, of course, at least one of the start-ups to come out of Codefi is a regular choice for many local residents. Have you ever used CarGo? While our regional numbers show us still lagging behind national averages in the IT sector, we are gaining ground daily.