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Live Assets is a boutique IT staffing firm. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with clients across North America. Our mandate is to build a winning IT team by uncovering talented and experienced IT professionals that match both the required skill set and the social dynamics of a company’s culture. Our competitive advantage is our ability to fill roles our clients have difficulty filling. We also have the flexibility to customize our recruiting approach according to our client’s needs and processes.

We hire strictly from our verified, selective, and ever-growing network of IT professionals, and establish long-lasting relationships by taking a human-centric approach to understand the needs and wants of candidates.

We work exclusively in the IT industry, and our network, cultivated for over 20 years, consists of leading professionals in the field.

Our customized recruiting approach has resulted in a 97% success rate based on a 3-resume submission per role.

Stop losing valuable time sifting through applications and struggling to find the right fit. Our team of recruiters are experts in hiring IT professionals with the skills, experience, and attitude to succeed.

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Our Verified Network

We take a different approach to recruiting for the Information Technology industry. Working entirely in this space, for over 20 years, we have cultivated a network of leading IT professionals for which we hire exclusively.

Unlike social networks, ours is a selective professional network, established by Live Assets founder Olga Fragis in 1996. Our network continues to be enriched with new IT talent as the industry evolves and our relationship with mentors and leaders in the information technology space strengthens.

People Are Our Greatest Asset

Our core belief is that people will thrive in organizations where they can contribute in a meaningful way and are regarded as living assets.

To us, it is important to provide a working environment where our team feels comfortable, as well as challenged, appreciated, and inspired to become the best they can be. In an industry that sustains high turnover, we believe that our values create a sense of loyalty and belonging for employees.

Olga Fragis, Founder & CEO

With a personable, “go-out-of-your-way” customer service attitude, Olga has instilled her philosophy for taking a human-centric approach to IT staffing at the heart of Live Assets.

For two decades, Olga has considered each IT placement an investment for both the employer and candidate, from which they expect to realize a return on their investment. Her strategy for delivering win-win outcomes has been putting in additional hiring hours to listen and discuss the needs and wants of her clients, bridging the communication gap to foster long-term relationships.

“My advantage over recruiters who have a ‘quick fix’ mentality lies in my commitment to listen carefully and fully understand the needs and goals of my clients.”

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Our expertise in the IT market and the IT Staffing industry, developed for over 20 years, grants us the pleasure of giving back to our Communities by providing updates on IT industry trends and what employers are looking for in their next hire.

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We have a long standing and ever-growing network of IT professionals that we tap into.

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