IT Jobs in Ottawa

The high-tech industry is one of Ottawa’s leading employers, accounting for nearly 10% of the total workforce. With world-renowned, Canadian tech companies like Shopify headquartered in the city, competitive organizations are flocking to the nation’s capital and creating opportunities in the information technology space.

In-Demand IT Jobs in Ottawa

Ottawa is home to a diverse range of careers, where IT professionals can find meaningful work. With high-tech firms like Shopify and Adobe, there is no shortage of demand for developers/software engineers, IT managers, and business analysts.

In-Demand Skills For Finding Employment in Ottawa

Expertise in coding languages like Java, Linux, Javascript, and C# continue to be the most in-demand skills on the job market. While software developers dominate in these skills, business analysts can thrive when working with SQL and Python in a data-centric environment. IT managers with expertise in cloud technologies have no trouble finding high-paying jobs, as businesses pivot to an online marketplace.

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