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“Why should we hire you?” – How to Answer and Mistakes to Avoid

Why should we hire you?   Out of all the interview questions, one of the hardest to answer is "why should we hire you?" When you really think about it, any interview ultimately aims to understand why they should hire you.  ...

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9 Tips to Clean up your Social Media

  As much as you think your social media profiles are unrelated to work, the reality is that hiring managers will see them. According to CareerBuilder, 70% of employers screen candidates' social media profiles before hiring. But that's not all....

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Second Round Interviews: What to Expect and How to Prepare

  Why Interview Preparation is So Important?   If you've come across this article, there's a likely chance you've been called in for a second interview. First off, congratulations! Receiving a second interview invite means you've impressed the hiring team,...

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Top Qualities Employers Look for

  What do employers want from candidates?   Job hunting can be kind of funny sometimes. While job descriptions can be very detailed, outlining all the qualifications and certifications required for the job, there are a lot of specific qualities...

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6 Power Skills You Need To Be An Effective Leader

Posted by Renée Safrata as a guest author. Contact Vivo Team at for collaborations.     Essential Leadership Skills   Over the last couple years, many of us hit ‘pause’, but now it’s time to hit ‘power’.    Power...

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Clever Perks That Employers Are Now Offering

Posted by Cherie Mclaughlin as a guest author. She can be contacted at for collaborations.   When it comes to a career, most employees nowadays are looking for so much more than a job. In fact, many job seekers are...

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Returning to the Workforce After a Career Break

Whether you’ve been out of the workforce for one year or 15, getting back in the swing of things can be tricky. After living through a global pandemic for the last two years, career breaks are more common than we...

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40 Cultural Fit Interview Questions

When searching for a job, possessing the right technical skills isn’t always enough. Many employers are also prioritizing candidates who align with their company culture, and candidates should prepare When interviewing for different roles understanding your suitability for the company culture...

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7 Questions to Determine if a Company Genuinely Values DEI

Do all companies genuinely value diversity?   If you were to ask any organization if they value diversity, they'd most likely say yes. But are companies actually making an effort to encourage and implement a culture that values diversity, equity,...

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