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How to Follow Up After an interview

  How to Follow Up After an interview   Master the art of the follow-up and get noticed   You crushed your interview. Now all the hard work you've done has paid off, right? Not necessarily. If you really want...

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“How to achieve your goals?” – How to Answer and What to Avoid

  How to achieve your career goals?   When prepping for an interview, it's recommended to review some common interview questions. A potential question one could expect is, "how do you plan to achieve your goals?" The interview will want...

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11 Reward and Recognition Ideas to Improve Employee Happiness

Engaged employees are appreciated employees   A few months ago, Indeed introduced the Work Happiness score. This new system aims to measure employee happiness under various employers.   Working with Oxford University and the University of California, Indeed reported 14...

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7 Benefits of Temporary Employment

  What's temporary work?     Temp work: Don’t knock it till you try it   There seems to be a lot of bias towards temp work. Some professionals might have a preconceived notion that temp jobs are just about...

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5 Reasons Job Seekers Should Work with a Recruitment Agency

  Why you should work with a recruitment agency in Toronto?   Starting a new job can be exciting, however the task of finding a new job is anything but. Going through pages and pages on job boards, perfecting your...

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6 Ways to Boost Your Career with Social Media

Social media no longer for just fun and games At one point, it seemed like social media and the internet were just meant for celebrity gossip and funny cat videos. But with 4.62 billion people or half the planet on...

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8 Resume Red Flags to Watch out For

  How to build your resume effectively   Whenever a job becomes vacant, all hiring managers know they can expect a massive pile of resumes to sort through. In a previous blog, we discussed the signs you have found the...

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Build your Personal Brand in 5 Easy Steps

What is a personal brand?   A personal brand is a widely recognized impression others have of you based on your skills, experience, accomplishments and expertise in a particular industry. Through strategic personal branding job, seekers can better reach potential...

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How To Improve your Time Management Skills

Having a grasp of time management enables professionals to accomplish their daily tasks and responsibilities efficiently. Anyone can benefit from improving these skills. Without them, developmental opportunities and your quality of work might take a dip while your stress levels...

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