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8 Conflict Resolution Skills You Need for the Workplace

  How to deal with a conflict at work   While it's not desired, conflict in the workplace occasionally happens. Conflict can occur for various reasons such as different work styles, opinions or differing goals between colleagues. Having the right...

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Toronto is North America’s 3rd Largest Tech Hub

  Tech Jobs in Toronto   The New York Times recently published an article crowning Toronto as the third-largest tech hub in North America. Industry experts, investors, and entrepreneurs have focused on major US cities like Austin and Miami as...

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Build your Career Plan in 9 Steps

  How to start your job search   If you are a new graduate or looking to advance or change careers, you need a career plan. Implementing an elaborate career plan can get you started on finding a meaningful and...

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The February Labour Survey: Employment Rates, Wages and Diversity

  The February Labour Report from Statistics Canada   The February Labour Report from Statistics Canada is out, and things are looking optimistic…for the most part. The Covid-19 pandemic caused a significant disruption in the labour market, and we're just...

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14 Second Interview Sample Questions

Got called back for a second interview?    If you're reading this, that probably means you've been called in for a second interview. A second interview callback means you are being seriously considered for the position. If this assumption is...

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10 Benefits and Perks for a Competitive Retention Plan

How to Improve your Retention Rates   In a tough candidate's market, employers need to be strategic in their hiring and retention plans or risk losing out on top talent. During the Great Resignation, many companies found their employees exiting...

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5 Tips to Get Prepared for In-Person Networking

With restrictions easing up, in-person networking events are making a comeback. After what felt like living in a computer screen for two years, many of us are anxious to get back out in the world. Although online networking events were...

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6 Signs You Found the Right Candidate

  How to Find the Right Candidate   We often know what we don't like rather than what we do like with anything. The same goes for recruiting. It's so easy to spot a candidate's red flags that we get...

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How to Make your Job Posting Inclusive in 5 Steps

  Is Your Job Posting Inclusive?   More and more organizations are taking the steps to create diverse and inclusive work environments. Many companies implement policies, offer workshops webinars, and use various online channels to show their support and progress....

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