5 Ways to Deal with Job Insecurity

Humans desire control and security. The unknown is scary, particularly when it’s concerned with your job. Waking up each day unsure of the status of your job would put anyone on edge. Covid-19 has been the cause of many lay-offs, some temporary and others not. Even if you are still employed, there is always a dark cloud lurking above your head, making you wonder if and when it’s going to happen to you. This fear of not knowing brings on anxiety and worry, which, if ignored, can have a severe impact on overall health. Although this is not an exhausted list, here are a few tips for managing job uncertainty.


Focus on what you can control

Focus on what you can control and ease away from what you can’t. While this is a lot easier said than done, there is no sense in dwelling over what you can’t control at the end of the day. Alternatively, direct your negative feelings into something productive. While you are still at your job, how can you go above and beyond? How can you make positive changes in your life to improve yourself? What can you do to prepare for the future?


Work with a recruitment agency

If you are actively searching for a new and more stable position, consider working with a recruitment agency. An agency can save you precious time that would have been otherwise spent applying to countless businesses. An agency can also give you a better work-life balance and start your career if you consider switching fields.


Learn new skills

Keep yourself fresh and up to date. Take some courses and hone in on some new skills to stay relevant. The IT industry is all about change, and as technology advances, so do we. If we don’t keep up, we’ll fall behind. If you find yourself looking for a new job, getting caught up with new tech and software will get you ahead of the competition. No matter what industry you are in, don’t forget to brush up on your communication skills. Communication skills are vital to all positions regardless of the industry. They not only help during day-to-day tasks but are also key to making an excellent first impression that can help land you a job. Refreshing your skills and certifications is empowering and should be practiced job insecurity or not.


When one door closes

Open your mind to new opportunities. While your current one might not last forever, another opportunity will show and sometimes you have to find it yourself. When you have spare time, take the initiative and search for new jobs. Update that resume and LinkedIn profile, so you’re ready to apply if a new opportunity presents itself. Put yourself out there by attending job fairs, conferences or other networking events.


Maintain your health

Make both your physical and mental health a priority. Trying to cope with a stressful time like job insecurity puts a severe strain on your overall health. Get that weight off your chest and talk with a close friend or trusted colleague about your worries and fears. As a whole, maintain basic self-care. Self-care can be as straightforward or as complicated as you want it to be. Eating nutrient-rich dinners, keeping up a sleep schedule, and even practicing personal hygiene are all forms of self-care.


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