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5 Tips to Onboard your Remote Employees

April 24, 2023 -

How to Build a Remote IT Team


Onboarding tips to set your remote hires up for success

Employee onboarding is an essential process to set new hires up for success. The onboarding phase gives new hires the tools they need. Part of this process typically includes meeting other key players in the company they will report to or work alongside. Whether your company is taking the hybrid approach or fully remote, some employers struggle to provide an effective onboarding experience for their remote hires.

In this article we’ll explore some tips to help you refine your onboarding process.

Send a warm welcome package

A welcome package doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or even anything tangible. Your welcome package can all be sent off in an email and should include all the resources needed, such as an itinerary and all training material needed. Additionally, you can get staff members to make introduction videos to include in this package. These should be quick videos with staff introducing themselves and their role and how their jobs will intertwine with the new hires.

Check your tech

For those who work on-site, technology and workspace are already readily available to them. Not all remote workers have an at-home office and will need technology sent to them. Arrange for new hires to receive any equipment such as laptops before their first day. As well as provide any resources and support to walk hires through how to use equipment and get feedback that it is in working condition.

Virtual luncheon

Lunch is a time where employees can socialize and get to know one another. Remote workers don’t get this. As a result, new hires might feel disconnected from their colleagues. A virtual lunch over Zoom or Skype can help new hires meet co-workers they will be working closely with and understand the company culture.

Provide remote workplace policies

Remote work can sometimes feel like you are in limbo. The typical 9-5 is almost non-existent when your workplace is always just a few steps away. Remote employees might be more inclined to work irregular and more flexible hours. If you don’t already have one, your company should write up a remote work policy to give during onboarding. This policy should include days and times they need to be available, work expectations and other information such as completing expense reports for office expenses such as wifi.

Gather employee feedback

Hiring and onboarding remote employees is a learning curve for many. And the only way we can improve is to get feedback. Create a survey for new hires to complete and return at the end of the onboarding and training process. While the above tips are great suggestions, it is still a trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t for your company’s dynamics.



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