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5 Reasons Job Seekers Should Work with a Recruitment Agency

June 4, 2022 -


Why you should work with a recruitment agency in Toronto?


Starting a new job can be exciting, however the task of finding a new job is anything but. Going through pages and pages on job boards, perfecting your resume and cover letter only to get a call back from less than half the companies you applied to is not my idea of a good time. Fortunately for job seekers, there is a way to avoid all of that: recruitment agencies.



5 reasons to job search with a recruitment agency


  1. You stay in a database
  2. Access to more job openings at once
  3. Can help you fill in your skill set
  4. Try before committing
  5. Tailor your job search


     1. You stay in a database

It’s not guaranteed you’ll be hired on the first potential match, but regardless of the outcome when working with a recruiter, you will stay in their database or CRM. Unlike job searching alone, if you don’t land the job, the company most likely tosses your resume.


Recruitment agencies use applicant tracking systems (ats), so although you might be one of thousands of candidates, ATSs pull information from resumes that match relevant job openings. When a suitable vacancy comes available, there’s a good chance your resume will get picked.


  1. Access to more job openings at once

Job searching is taxing. Its time consuming, requires a lot of researching, and you only can get through a few job listings at a time. Recruiters have many jobs to fill at once, meaning a single applicant can be matched to multiple jobs that fit their skills at a time.


While sites like Indeed or Glassdoor are helpful, not all job vacancies are posted on these job boards. Recruiters can access the hidden job market and direct you to these harder-to-find job openings. As you can see, when working with a recruiter, you have more options at a single time, increasing your chances of receiving an offer.


  1. Can help you fill in your skill set

Recruiters are hiring experts, and if it’s a specialized agency like Live Assets, their recruiters are also highly knowledgable about your industry and field. In the tech industry, many jobs require specialized skills. A staffing firm can identify areas of upskilling or skills you need to acquire. This will make you a more desirable and competitive candidate. As you gain skills, recruiters can help you contact the companies and employers seeking out these skills.


  1. Try before committing

Most recruitment agencies will have temp-to-hire, temporary or contract roles available. Working temp jobs can help you determine if a role is a good fit or not before committing long-term. If you are starting your career or making a career change, temporary positions can help you learn about yourself and your professional needs. Are you able to handle long commutes? Do you prefer working alone or in a team? Are you most productive in the office or working from home? What management style do you work best under? Knowing these things and more about yourself will help you find companies that meet these needs and lead to better job matches in the future.


  1. Tailor your job search

When job searching alone, you might not get the complete picture of a company’s culture and values. Recruitment agencies work with both candidates and companies to facilitate employment. To make a good match, recruiters have to get a deep understanding of both parties. Recruiters can make recommendations for roles and companies based on your skills and desires as an employee leading to better job placements. It’s in a recruiter’s best interest to make successful matches motivating them to put candidates in a role that benefits all parties involved.



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