How to: Improve your Management Communication Skills

Specific job titles come with certain reputations. When given the position of manager or a supervisor, it’s easy for people to be intimidated by you automatically. As a manager, you can be a support for your employees, but this starts with good communication. However, if you come off as intimidating or stand-offish, your employees won’t be as keen to approach you. Let’s look at six ways to kick that reputation improve your management communication skills.


Keeping employees in the loop

No one likes to be left in the dark. When everyone is in the know, that’s when communication is happening. As a manager, you should convey company changes and decisions to your employees. While not all information needs to be shared with everyone, keeping employees informed builds trust.


Be open to technology

There are so many different apps and platforms that have been made for professional communication. Creating chats with your team on apps such as Slack establishes a sense of community. If your team is working remotely, virtual communication will reinforce that feeling of community and reduce feelings of isolation.



When in a large group, it can be challenging for your voice to be heard. It can also be daunting to share any concerns you might have in front of your entire team. Regularly holding one-on-one chats will allow you and your employees to understand one another’s communication styles. These meetings can be as formal or informal as you want. This is another way to build trust with each team member and address any concerns ahead of time.


Be aware of body language

The way we carry ourselves can say more than words ever can. Even if you think you have mastered virtual communication, get back to the basics and look at how you physically might be perceived. You want your employees to feel they can approach you both online and in person. Particular body language such as crossing your arms might be a subconscious habit, but it shows employees you’re closed off. Be mindful about how employees might receive your presence and make any necessary changes.


Be open to feedback

Whether you are an employee or in a senior-level role, no one should be a stranger to receiving feedback. Many managers aren’t sure of their performance due to a lack of feedback. Your employees are excellent resources to understand what you excel in and what you could improve on. Asking for feedback can also inspire your employees to strive to do better and still be open and understanding of your feedback to them.


Communication is a two-way street

Communication goes both ways. As a manager, there are many messages you need to provide for your employees that can feel more like speaking at them. To avoid this feeling:

  1. Make yourself available.
  2. While you can’t be at everyone’s beck and call 24/7, remind your employees you are always open to hearing their concerns or ideas.
  3. Don’t let the conversation always be one-sided and show you are ready to listen sometimes.


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