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10 Signs You’re Ready to Leave your Job

February 14, 2023 -

We all have bad days at work now and again. But if every day is a bad day, your job might be causing more problems than it’s worth. If issues never seem to get resolved and you are stuck in a pattern of dread, consider getting your two-week notice ready.


It’s not always easy to know when to leave but if you’re on the fence about if quitting is the right decision, look out for these 10 signs.


10 Signs it’s time to quit your job


  1. You’re stressed ALL the time
  2. You constantly butt heads with your boss
  3. Mass layoffs are happening
  4. You dread the thought of work even when you’re off
  5. Your company has been bought out
  6. You’ve maxed out your potential there
  7. Your morals are being threatened
  8. You’re not earning your worth
  9. Hostile or toxic work environment
  10. You want a better work-life balance



You’re stressed ALL the time

According to Indeed’s Work Wellbeing Report, there are two kinds of stress:


  • Positive stress mindset – seen as a challenge and can motivate you to perform better
  • Negative stress mindset – is harmful and can be debilitating


So as we can see, not all stress is the same. It can even be good for us and help better us as professionals. But when you’re experiencing a constant state of stress, you’ll eventually hit burnout and shut down. And if your stress is impacting your personal and home life, take that as an even bigger sign it’s time to say goodbye.

You constantly butt heads with your boss

If you’re always beefing with your boss, it might be due to a poor cultural fit. This divide between you and your boss might cause you to miss out on growth opportunities. During future interviews, ask questions to assess if your personalities and work styles mesh well with your potential employers.

Mass layoffs are happening

Several rounds of mass layoffs are happening. It doesn’t hurt to look into opportunities if you’re still standing. If your job security is being threatened, your mental wellbeing can be impacted by stress, especially if your workload is increasing due to minimal staff.

You dread the thought of work even when you’re off

Do you have a severe case of the Sunday Scaries? It’s normal to wish your weekend was a day or two longer, but if you’re spending all your days off and nights dreading work, it might be time to re-evaluate your working situation.

Your company has been bought out

It’s important to preface that this isn’t always a sign you need to jump ship. But be sure to research the new parent company and get your facts straight. If they are typically known for cleaning house, it’s a good idea to start looking for new opportunities.

You’ve maxed out your potential there

It’s not unusual for professionals to feel like they’ve hit a career ceiling at work. Though the job might feel comfortable, are your skills being fully utilized? Finding a position where you can apply your entire skillset can improve your job satisfaction and happiness. If there’s no other way to advance in the company and you still want more in your career, then it might be time to go.

Your morals are being threatened 

Integrity is a huge part of job satisfaction. Most people prefer working at companies that align with their morals and beliefs. Sometimes our jobs face us with ethical compromises. Ethical compromises in the workplace are when you’re required to perform a task that goes against your ethics. Maintain your integrity and consider researching positions at a different organization. If you book an interview, watch out for any red flags that indicate a poor cultural fit.

You’re not earning your worth

A great work environment is always important, but money matters too. Every day it feels like the cost of living is rising. If you’ve been with the company for a while and are adding more responsibilities to your to-do list and still haven’t received a raise, your most likely getting underpaid.

If you’re generally still content with your job, consider negotiating your salary first. However, if your request goes undenied, it might be time to look for other companies that will better reward your contributions.

Hostile or toxic work environment

You hope your company fosters a positive and healthy work environment for all your time at work. Unfortunately, some work environments are toxic. An unhealthy environment may look like mistrust among senior leaders, poor work relationships between colleagues, discrimination, harassment, managers going on power trips, high turnover, and poor communication. Negative environments can cause poor morale and hamper personal and professional satisfaction and happiness.

You want a better work-life balance 

We all need time to recharge and enjoy life. Work-life balance is essential to our physical and mental wellbeing and productivity. If you’re finding it difficult to maintain a work-life balance and challenging to set boundaries between work and your personal life, it’s worth looking for a new job.

Job hunting while still working your current job is stressful. It’s even more stress you’re your job is constantly impeding your personal time. Working with a technical recruiter can ease this stress and make your job search more efficient.



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