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6 Mistakes That are Costing you a Promotion

September 11, 2022 -


6 mistakes to avoid when asking for a promotion


Promotions can come with a lot of benefits. They can bring more financial stability, more fulfilling and rewarding work, or even just a milestone in your career path. Even if you’ve been working extremely hard in your current position, a promotion is not guaranteed. You might think you are doing everything right, but there are also tons of mistakes that you could be making that are hindering your chances.



Are these mistakes costing you a promotion?


  1. Not asking for it
  2. Unable to handle constructive criticism
  3. Comparing yourself to others
  4. Being too forward
  5. Feeling entitled due to seniority
  6. Not updating skills 



Not asking for it

If you’re seriously interested in a promotion, bring it up to your boss. One of the easiest mistakes you can make is staying silent. So take that chance and ask for it! Plan a time to have a one-on-one discussion and make a case for yourself. When the time comes, your boss will be more likely to think about and consider you.


Unable to handle constructive criticism

Your boss might not think you’re ready for a promotion yet, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have potential. Constructive criticism can help you improve but only if you are receptive to it. If your boss gives you feedback and you immediately shut down or become defensive, they aren’t going to see you as ‘promotion material.’ Criticism isn’t an attack on you as an employee but should be seen as a tool to lift you.


Comparing yourself to others

Other people in your department might do less or slack off and have also earned promotions, but that doesn’t mean you need to mention it. It’s not necessary to put other co-workers down to boost yourself up. Your boss might


Rather than emphasizing what other people aren’t doing, showcase what you are doing. Think about how you can add more value to the company in a new position and why you cannot utilize your full potential in your current one.


Being too forward

Though it helps inform your boss about your wish for a promotion, you don’t want to push it. There’s a fine line between being driven and just being straight-up pushy. If you’ve already discussed a promotion with your boss, give them some time to think things over. If you keep bugging, your boss will only get annoyed with you and probably be less likely to agree. Don’t give any ultimatums, either. Just be patient while you wait for a response, and remember that even if it’s a no right now, it could be a yes in the future.


Feeling entitled due to seniority

If you’re up against a co-worker with similar jobs, don’t think you’re a shoo-in because you’ve been with the company longer. Even if length of stay does play a factor, rest assured that your employer is already well aware of your time with the company. Your best bet is to avoid this topic altogether when defending your case.


Not updating skills 

Employers want someone with motivation and drive. So if you want a promotion, it’s essential to show that you’re always working to better and improve yourself as an employee. Staying stagnant in your skillset is lazy and proves that you cannot take on new challenges or responsibilities (both of which come with a promotion).


Taking online courses or updating certifications and licenses demonstrates that you’re willing to go above and beyond and will impress your boss.



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