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8 Personal Traits to Put on Your Resume

December 4, 2022 -

Personal Attributes to Include in your Resume  


When companies are searching for a new employee, their mission is to find someone who has the right skills and experiences and will mesh with the company culture.


The first impression you make on recruiters comes from their evaluation of your resume and cover letter. If you and another candidate share a similar skill set, the hiring manager would likely choose whoever conveyed more personality in their application. That’s why it’s essential you include personality traits in addition to your technical skills. Including character attributes can give you an edge over your competition.



What is a personality trait?


Personality traits reflect a person’s patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. These traits help define people as unique individuals. Personal attributes can indicate how a person behaves or reacts to a situation. When combined with skills, you can use your personality traits to better demonstrate your suitability for a job. For example, someone who is resilient can overcome and learn from their challenges.



8 personality traits to include in your resume 




Optimism is the ability to recognize positives in even the worst of circumstances. Employers love candidates who can add a healthy dose of optimism to the team. Individuals with this trait are likelier to take negative results and create positive outcomes. Their bright energy can be contagious to colleagues and help everyone stay focused on business goals.

Able to handle pressure

The presence of pressure is common in most workplaces. Whether it’s pressure from a tight deadline or pressure to produce exceptional work, everyone experiences it at some point. What’s essential for recruiters to know is how you handle this pressure. On your resume experiences, you can include examples of how you managed to stay collected in moments of stress while still completing a required task.

Willingness to learn 

People who have the willingness to learn are all about improving themselves. These individuals understand they don’t have the answers to everything and always have room to grow. This level of self-awareness is attractive to employers. Candidates with this trait always seek learning opportunities to develop their professional and personal knowledge. This ensures they can continually optimize their work processes and improve work outcomes.


Self-driven individuals can motivate themselves without external encouragement to achieve or fulfil a task. Employers often prefer candidates who can consistently motivate themselves while producing top-notch work.


Confidence is an attitude about your ability and skills. Candidates with confidence know their worth and can demonstrate the value they can offer. Education and experience can make you a desirable candidate, but your confidence is what will sell your skills.

Having confidence also means you have trust in yourself while also recognizing your limitations. When you have confidence in yourself, you can maximize all your other skills and traits, which is highly desired by hiring managers.


Businesses inevitably evolve and change over time which is why companies prefer candidates who are easy to adapt. Adaptability refers to one’s ability to adjust to changes.

Dealing with Covid-19 over the last few years taught us just how vital adaptability is in the workplace. Having to shift from in-person to remote work, it was crucial employees could navigate this change to keep businesses running.


Integrity is the quality of having and upholding strong morals and values. Employees with integrity don’t settle for the bare minimum and strive to perform to the best of their abilities. Our jobs are a commitment, and employers want to know that you’ll follow through when they hire you.


Creativity suggests thinking outside of the norm. People with this trait can think about solutions or introduce new ideas in various ways. Creative employees are innovative and can uniquely approach challenges or situations. Diversity is essential to the workforce, and this includes diversity in thinking. Employers don’t just want robots working for them but people that can stand out.



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