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5 Soft Skills for Workplace Success

September 21, 2021 -

Soft and hard skills are two peas in a pod. A good dose of each mixed together creates a well-rounded employee. When crafting resumes or prepping to answer interview questions, soft skills are often forgotten about. While you can be a whiz at JavaScript, it can be hard to get the job done if you can’t communicate with your team. Regardless of industry, here are five soft skills all professionals need for success.


What are soft skills?

Soft skills are non-technical skills related to how an individual works. Soft skills vary from hard skills as they are unable to be quantified. Many employers seriously consider and sometimes even favour soft over hard skills.


  1. Communication

Most jobs look for candidates who display good written and oral communication skills. This skill goes hand-in-hand with many other skills, such as teamwork. Being able to communicate effectively will give others a good impression. Communication is what builds relationships with co-workers and other professionals. Strong colleague relationships increase productivity and efficiency when everyone knows how to communicate with one another successfully.


  1. Flexibility/Adaptability

In the workplace, things are constantly changing. If you lack adaptability, you won’t prove to be overly helpful to a company. If you are unsure if you possess this skill, think about how you react in a time of change? Do you resist? Or go with the flow? Technology is changing at a rapid speed. Businesses need to keep up with these changes to stay on top of the competition and be successful.


  1. Teamwork

The success of a business rarely falls on a single person’s shoulders, which is why companies want employees who can collaborate with a team. Teamwork allows for productivity even in times of conflict between team members. Employees who demonstrate teamwork can contribute to a healthy work environment which allows for employee retention.


  1. Critical thinking

Critical thinkers are creative people who can bring new and alternative ideas to the table. It’s healthy to grow and develop. Without critical thinkers, companies would remain stagnant, never seeking growth. A good critical thinker is analytical of information and knows how to use that information practically.


  1. Problem-solving

When in a crisis, you can do one of two things: sit and whine or do something about it. You want to be a person of action. To stand out from other candidates or employees, prove how you can work well under pressure. When a problem arises, you want to be the one finding the solution. Unexpected challenges are prone to happen, and companies need problem solvers to correct these challenges quickly.



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