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“Why should we hire you?” – How to Answer and Mistakes to Avoid

August 13, 2022 -

Why should we hire you?


Out of all the interview questions, one of the hardest to answer is “why should we hire you?”

When you really think about it, any interview ultimately aims to understand why they should hire you.


When asked this question, you’re given the opportunity to sell yourself and prove why you’re the best candidate for the job. Follow our tips, and you can make a memorable impression and stand out from the crowd.


Why do hiring managers ask this?

If you made it this far in the hiring process, the hiring manager likely already thinks you are qualified. The hiring manager wants to know why you are the best fit and what makes you different from the other candidates.


Businesses hire employees to solve problems, whether that’s preventing cybersecurity breaches or completing projects to clients’ satisfaction. The other candidates most likely have the same qualifications as you, so you need to go beyond the scope of the basic job requirements. You ultimately are trying to sell yourself.


How to answer – Why we should hire you?


Review the job description

Regardless, if you’ve worked in a similar position before, it’s crucial you review the job description. Each company might have different expectations or requirements for the role. Knowing the job description inside and out will allow you to understand these specific requirements, such as skills, qualities, education and any certifications needed. This will be your jumping-off point when establishing yourself as a qualified candidate.


Research company

Conducting in-depth research on the company and hiring managers will give insight into their core values and mission. Not only do you need to prove you are technically qualified, but you also have to prove why you’re a cultural fit. After reading their mission statement, look for keywords and phrases. A company might uphold values such as integrity, determination or a growth mindset. Including these in your answer will demonstrate you went the extra mile to do your homework, something that not all candidates are willing to do.


Connect your career to the job posting 

Highlight how your experience, skills, and qualities relate to the role and company you’re applying for. Try to address the key requirements listed in the job posting by referring to a former work experience or a significant achievement you’ve made. Additionally, you can showcase any qualities you believe would make you the ideal hire.


Give concrete examples 

Using the STAR method, you can explain certain achievements or challenges you’ve overcome in a structured and concise manner. What you don’t want to do is give a vague response. Instead, you should quantify accomplishments that correlate to the job requirements. Adding a numerical value will provide a clear picture of your work ethic and what you can accomplish.


3 Mistakes To Avoid


Being too general – Anyone can make up a vague answer, so make it specific to you. You want to make a memorable and positive impression which a vague response will not do. Too general of a reply will have your interviewer perceive you as unprepared and lacking confidence.


Modesty –This isn’t the time to downplay your accomplishments and your credibility. Remember, the interviewer wants to hear about you, so take pride in yourself! Go in with confidence without seeming too boastful.


Talking too much – This goes for any interview question. You must find that balance between talking too much and not talking enough. As stated before, the STAR method is an excellent option for building quality responses.



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