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Winning teams drive the growth of organizations. Live Assets builds your winning team by uncovering talented and experienced data analysts that match both the skill sets and social dynamics you require. We serve your organization as an extension of your human resource team and put in the hiring hours, so you don’t have to.

Stop losing valuable time screening applicants and struggling to find the right fit. Our team of recruiters are experts in hiring data analysts with the skills, experience, and attitude to succeed.

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Is your company looking to attract and invest in talented developers? At Live Assets, we understand that people will thrive in organizations where they can contribute in a meaningful way and are regarded as living assets.

We take a different approach to recruiting for the Information Technology industry. We hire strictly from our verified, selective, and ever-growing network of IT professionals. We work exclusively in this industry, and our network, cultivated for over 20 years, consists of leading professionals in the field.

A Human-Centric Approach to Data Analyst Recruitment

Resumes offer a glimpse of people’s true experience and capabilities. Our recruiting process goes way beyond superficial filters and checkboxes to identify the best fit for your organization and the candidate’s career growth! We strive for a “win-win”, this is where true success is found!

Active Listening

We meet with your hiring manager and learn about your technical environment, projects, challenges and requirements for the position.

Meticulous Exploration

We conduct a thorough candidate search through our verified network of IT professionals. We focus on the specialized skills, experience, and attitude that is required for the role.

Genuine Conversations

When searching to fill a role, we meet with qualified candidates and have a “real” conversation! We discuss their technical experience, their career path, their interests, compensation, preferred working environment and only if we feel that they are aligned with our client’s requirements, do we present a profile. It must be a win-win for long term success.

Skill Evaluation

When qualifying candidates, we conduct technical and behavioral interviews, and take the process one step further. We work closely with the hiring manager to create a customized skills matrix based on the role. The candidate is required to complete this by summarizing the areas of expertise in detail, giving the hiring manager an in-depth understanding of the candidate’s technical abilities.

Winning Team Dynamics

We meet face-to-face for a behavioral assessment of candidates to ensure that the new member will support the dynamics within your organization.

Interview Preparation

IT professionals aren’t always the best self-promoters — and your time is valuable. When we uncover unappreciated talent, we prepare candidates by establishing confidence in presenting the connections between their skills and your business problems.

Why Choose Live Assets To Recruit Your Data Analyst?

Read what our customers have to say about our recruiting services.

Excellent agency. Olga and the Live Assets team are very professional and know the market well. Whether working with an employer or a job seeker, Olga and her team always look for the right fit for both the technical side and the human and cultural aspects.

I highly recommend working with Live Assets. You won’t regret it!

Director Information Technology

Not for Profit Organization

I have used Live Assets for years and don’t bother with other IT recruiting firms. Live Assets takes the time to learn the qualifications I need and only sends me a couple of worthwhile resumes. The first or sometimes second interview finds me the right candidate, which saves me from wasting time reading stacks of resumes and performing interviews that go nowhere — which is excellent. The hiring process with Live Assets takes me one or two weeks max from start to finish. The headhunting firms don’t place like that.

Director Information Technology

Construction/Real Estate

I thoroughly enjoyed the process from start to finish. The Live Assets team provided excellent support along the way — answering my questions, addressing any concerns and being completely transparent.

Head of Information Technology


I have worked with Live Assets as my preferred IT recruitment agency for seven years since I arrived in Canada. I can confidently say that they are the best IT recruitment agency in Canada. Not only do you get a white glove, personal experience when you use their services, but all of the candidates that I have received were outstanding. I have recruited complete architecture teams with them. They have a unique ability to get to know you properly and tease out the unwritten requirements before they suggest candidates. I have personally recommended Live Assets to all the organizations I have worked for in Canada, and I will continue to do so going forward.

AVP Information Technology/Data

IT Research/Consulting

Olga Fragis and her team at Live Assets are genuinely outstanding partners. Olga helped us search for critical IT skills needed to run the operations of our business – her team presented numerous noteworthy candidates that fit our culture and our organization. She quickly gets all the right people together within her organization to help her clients succeed. Olga also helped bring fresh new perspectives to our searches to ensure we found the right skills and talent. Furthermore, I truly think she understood Hershey’s “culture” and the type of talent that would be successful here. Not only is Olga an outstanding partner, but she is also an absolute pleasure to get to know. Olga’s work in her community makes her a leader within the industry and her community. I am confident in Olga and her team, and they are fantastic at what they do!

HR Director

Consumer Goods

Skilled, knowledgeable, professional, having skin in the game, a true practitioner of Win-Win approach, partner, advisor, highest ethical standard, and a real asset comes to mind when I think of my experience leveraging services from LiveAsset in the past ten plus years. Olga and her team are the ones to rely on when you need to find the best fit for your specific talent needs.

Chief Technology Officer


If you are looking for a no-nonsense IT recruiting firm, look no further! I have worked with Live Assets for over ten years in more than one company, and I take them everywhere I go! Why? Because they help me build dynamic teams, fast, effective and efficient. They understand technology and people. Give them a try, and you will not be disappointed!

Chief Technology Officer

Asset Management Company

We have worked with Live Assets for a good number of years. They fill all our hard-to-find roles. They have built outstanding “Technical Architect” teams and “Data Warehousing” teams with exceptional IT professionals throughout the years. They are knowledgeable, proficient and reliable.

Senior Director, Talent and Culture

Large Retailer

Live Assets is our go-to hiring agency when looking for IT professionals, whether full-time or contract. They get it, and they don’t waste my time. They give me 2-3 top candidates, well screened, tested and 95% fit — what else can I ask for. They are highly skilled, knowledgeable and transparent.


Financial Institution

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