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Clever Perks That Employers Are Now Offering

July 31, 2022 -

Posted by Cherie Mclaughlin as a guest author.
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When it comes to a career, most employees nowadays are looking for so much more than a job. In fact, many job seekers are now picking and choosing the best job fit for them, and this usually comes down to the perks they offer. There are definitely some benefits that you are required to provide your employees, so know what those benefits are. The rest will simply set you apart from other employers, and generally make for happier employees.


If you are a business owner looking to get an idea of the perks that many potential employees are sure to appreciate, Live Assets | IT Staffing Solutions has some suggestions you won’t want to miss.

Coaching programs


These days, employees don’t just want to feel like they are valuable contributors to the team, but also want to feel they are valued as part of the team too. One of the ways you can make employees feel valued and appreciated is by offering coaching programs for employees who want to climb up the corporate ladder. For example, you could develop and implement a coaching program that allows for career development and progression for those who are willing and eager to put in the work.

Bring a pet to work incentive


Perhaps your furry friend is so attached to you that when the time comes to leave for work, your pet goes through a fair amount of separation anxiety. In this instance, introducing a bring-your pet-to-work incentive could be the motivating factor pet lovers are looking for to make their day more productive not to mention more fulfilling.

Wellness programs


With the growing emphasis on mental and physical wellness, many employees are looking for jobs (and employers) that will take this very important lifestyle aspect into account. Therefore, if you think that introducing weekly yoga classes into the workweek would go down well with your employees, for example, wellness programs could end up motivating employees to go the extra mile.

Offering the option of healthy meals


Certainly, the price of food nowadays seems to be going up (along with everything else). Moreover, eating healthily is perhaps even more expensive because only certain food groups will usually suffice.   Offering employees the option of a daily healthy breakfast or lunch is, therefore, a great way to boost company morale and work productivity, too.


Providing healthy meals and encouraging employees to get a little exercise throughout the day can do wonders for their health and mental well-being. Being active decreases stress, and so does being in nature. If possible, add a health or steps challenge to the office that encourages everyone to walk outside on their breaks. Nature has been shown to decrease anxiety and increase mood, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Offering sports tickets to popular sports events


Maybe you’ve noticed that there is a lot of banter in the office regarding sports events and much talk about who’s watching who at the next big game. Then, for example, you could offer free tickets to high-performing employees to keep encouraging them to give their best. What’s more, you could even buy these tickets in bulk from some ticket sellers, where you may also qualify for additional bonuses and save a little money.

Holiday incentives


Holiday incentives are one example of an extremely popular perk that is sure to go down well with employees. Make it extra exciting by including all the perks, such as including airfare, meals, and spending money, and you’re sure to delight employees even more.


In conclusion, company perks are often highly talked about and could be the deciding factor when it comes to attracting good talent versus attracting stellar talent who are in it for the long haul. So, if you haven’t hopped onto this rising trend, now is the time to do so, to avoid the loss of top talent to your competitors.




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