Olga Fragis: Diversity Is Part of Who We Are

Diversity and Inclusion are about more than questions of numbers, corporate culture, and compliance with provincial or federal legislation. It is the way we conduct business daily, it is about our outlook on life, values, and principles! First and foremost, our mandate is to identify the most qualified IT professional who can excel in a role we are looking to fill, regardless of gender, race, creed, colour, sexual orientation, age or impairment.

Live Assets Ltd, a women-owned company based in the heart of Toronto, has placed thousands of IT professionals in companies across Canada and the United States. We are proud to say that in 2019, 43% of our placements identified as belonging to a diverse group.

It would never occur to us to deprive someone professionally qualified for a role because of their race or gender, and that is something we take great pride in as an organization. Beyond reasons of fairness and human decency, to do otherwise is also bad for business as it excludes our clients from a broad network of valuable talent. Nor would Live Assets conduct business with any client or candidate that insisted on unlawful preference for certain beliefs or physical characteristics on the part of the other.

Our talent pool has long been representative of the Canadian IT workforce, including members of the four designated groups under the Employment Equity Act. We maintain a strict policy against unlawful discrimination, retaliation, and any type of harassment under federal and provincial laws. We will respond to any violations with disciplinary action up to and including termination. We do not stand in the way of our candidates’ success and do all we can to help advance their careers. We invite all qualified people to apply and promise each equal treatment and opportunity.

To Live Assets, it is essential to provide an environment where people feel comfortable, challenged, appreciated, empowered, motivated, and inspired to become the best they can be. That goes for our clients and candidates. This, we believe, creates a sense of belonging and a climate of trust that builds loyalty and boosts productivity and performance.
At Live Assets, we do not just preach that “our people are our biggest asset” – we practice it with respect and dignity!


Olga Fragis

Founder & CEO

Live Assets I.T. Staffing Solutions


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