File Sharing Security & IT Recruitment

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There has been a significant change over the past few decades in the way companies store, manage, and share data and a corresponding investment in IT recruitment for various information security roles. The days of overflowing, alphabetized filing cabinets are moving behind us as technology is making information storage simpler and more accessible.

But accessibility is the source of the problem when it comes to file sharing security. As companies expand across the globe and accommodate remote employees and teams, security becomes more of a problem. While the cloud has revolutionized the way we store, share, and edit information, it puts companies at a higher risk for potential security risks.  In spite of this, a shocking 36 percent of Canadian firms do not have insurance against cyberattack.

The Security Risks of File Sharing

Online file sharing through the cloud or through email provides a number of benefits. It enables employees to update and read co-authored documents in real time and can be an incredible asset when implemented correctly. However,  online file sharing can also be an enormous liability if used improperly. Private business data such as employee records and sensitive information are at risk for being discovered by outsiders when businesses partake in online networks.

There exists a common misconception that these outsiders are skilled hackers or industrial espionage who are actively trying to break into private networks, but this is surprisingly not the case. In fact, 80 percent of data leaks are entirely accidental and happen as a result of human error – an unsettling statistic.

Educate Current Employees on the Risks

To ensure your employees do not contribute to this alarming statistic, educating them on the risks of file sharing is key.  By making sure your staff are aware of responsible practices and the dangers of leaked data, they can regularly make informed decisions and prevent immensely problematic errors from occurring.

Examples of good practices include instructing employees to never use personal email accounts to send work-related documents and to avoid using applications that have not been approved. Password protection is also extremely important; encourage employees to maintain strong passwords as obvious or generic passwords are a major security risk.

IT Recruiting: The Importance of Hiring IT Security Professionals

A growing number of companies are investing in IT recruiting to ensure they are being proactive in fostering protection of their networks. This means hiring talent proficient in implementing security strategies, developing security devices and software, and operating regular inspection of systems and networks for security updates.

By hiring network security officers, cloud engineers, system administrators, and various other IT security experts, Canadian employers can better protect themselves against data leaks whilst educating their staff about the correct practices associated with responsible file sharing.
Live Assets helps you find the best IT security candidates to ensure your protection against security risks. If you are a Canadian employer looking to hire network security experts and educate employees about the risks associated with file sharing, contact us today.