Find purpose in your work and boost your job satisfaction.

Why You Should Finding Meaning in Your Work

February 27, 2023 -

Is your work meaningful?


Did you know that finding a sense of purpose or meaning can extend your lifespan by seven years?

Finding meaning in your career can boost your confidence and overall job satisfaction. When you have a sense of purpose, you can you’re able to uncover the significance of even the most mundane tasks.


Why is finding meaning at work important?

Having purpose and meaning in your work is essential to helping you feel passionate and motivated to succeed in your role and career. Motivated employees are likelier to stay focused and productive and experience overall job satisfaction.

In collaboration with Oxford University and the University of California, Indeed reports purpose as one of the 14 key drivers of happiness. How we feel at work can significantly impact how we feel at home and in our personal life. Finding purpose in your career can boost your happiness and encourage wellness.


5 Ways to find a sense of purpose at work


Help others

Commit to being a positive force by helping out co-workers and those in your network. If you see a colleague facing some challenges with a task, giving them a hand can better define the importance of your skills and job duties. Training new employees or mentoring others in the industry will let you immediately see the impact your contributions have. Helping others can also allow you to recognize aspects of your career you enjoy and rediscover why you chose this field or position.


Take time for personal interests 

We all need time to recharge. If you’re finding it challenging to find meaning at work, taking time to step back from work or focus on personal projects might be helpful. Focus on non-career-related passions or personal projects when you need a mental refresh. Taking time away from work for a little TLC can help you prevent or recover from the effects of burnout.


Recognize your growth

Recognizing your accomplishments to understand that you’re consistently growing and advancing in your career. Sometimes the monotony of life can get in the way of seeing our progress. Seeing your improvement can better your job satisfaction and drive you to continue building your skills. Make a habit of tracking your achievements, such as promotions, overcoming challenges or meeting financial goals, to see the bigger picture of your efforts and boost your confidence.


Learn more about your job

Every job serves a purpose, even if you can’t see it. Just simply acknowledging this fact can give you a boost in confidence. Understanding how your job contributes to the company’s mission will motivate you to stay productive and exceed your goals. Look at who uses your company’s services or products. If you directly work with clients, consider your impact on their lives. Knowing how you can help improve other people’s lives can give you a new meaning and perspective you hadn’t considered before.


Make a career change

As much as you try to find a purpose, sometimes you just aren’t happy at your job. Ultimately if your current job isn’t satisfying your needs and goals, consider a career change. To find your next career move, start by jotting down any skills and experiences you have to date. Pick out any transferrable skills from your list and look for related positions.

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