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Get a Head Start on Your Career with a Recruitment Agency

February 27, 2023 -

Which is the best recruitment agency in Greater Toronto Area?



Whether you’re fresh out of college or making a career switch breaking into the workforce can be challenging. A staffing agency is an excellent way to get your foot into the industry and build your career. With your eagerness and our expertise, your job will take off in no time.


Temporary jobs can lead to permanent positions

While the idea of temporary work might turn some people off, there is always the possibility of it turning into something more. If you prove your worth, a contract has the potential of turning into a full-time position. And even if none of them do, you now have a diverse resume giving you a leg up on your competition when you do apply for that dream job.


Grow your network

Once you finish a contract, that doesn’t mean the connections you made disappear. With each job, you can meet other professionals and like-minded individuals. These connections stay with you forever; you never know where they can lead you. Although a past temporary contract seems like a blip in time, it can have a lasting effect on your career if you take the time to make meaningful connections. Be sure to nurture these connections and stay in touch. Just like your connections can help you advance your career look for ways to help others.


Job hunt efficiently 

Traditional job hunting can take weeks and even months. Recruitment agencies can relieve stress and help you stay motivated during your job search. A trained technical recruiter will guide you through your job search, from reviewing your resume, understanding your goals and interests, and interview tips and assist your onboarding to your new job. Crafting the perfect resume or nailing that elevator pitch sometimes takes trial and error. Fortunately, a staffing agency can help you get it right the first time.


Gain experience related to your dream job

Some of these jobs might not be exactly what you envision for yourself long term, but everyone has to start somewhere. If you have made a career plan, you’re probably aware of the milestones you need to meet before you can land your dream job. A recruiter can get you started in a position that will help you build the skills and gain the experience you need to reach your goals.


Opportunities for different work environments

Working temporary contract jobs allows you to test the waters in different work environments and models. These experiences help you know yourself better and learn what you need to perform best. Every company has their own unique work culture, and even though you might be a highly skilled and experienced professional, it can be difficult to thrive in cultures you don’t align with. A skilled technical recruiter will find you positions at companies that best match your values and professional preferences.


Work directly with the experts

Live Assets is 100% dedicated to understanding their candidates’ needs and career goals. Interview preparation, resume help and advice on upskilling yourself are just some of the many services candidates can access for free. A staffing agency can guide you through all aspects of employment and share industry and market trends knowledge to help you stay current and stand out as a candidate.


The Best Recruitment Agency in Toronto | About Live Assets | IT Staffing Solutions

Live Assets is a boutique IT Staffing/Recruiting firm specializing exclusively in building IT teams of excellence for the Information Technology sector.

We are a small, but productive team that works closely together and has had a 96% success rate for the past number of years!

We have a diverse number of clients and industries and focus on both full-time and contract I.T. opportunities.

You can find out more about our company on LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook –Youtube – Glassdooor


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