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11 Ways to Recognize your Employees in 2023

March 5, 2023 -

What’s employee recognition?


A rewards and recognition program is crucial to improving employee engagement, making them feel valued and boosting morale. Engaged employees feel a higher sense of purpose and meaning in their work, giving them that drive to go above and beyond.

According to Indeed, appreciation and recognition are among the 14 key drivers of happiness and can directly impact employee wellness.

Do your employees feel appreciated?


Keep employees engaged and happy by implementing a knockout rewards and recognition program.


11 Ideas for Rewarding and Recognizing Employees

  1. Team lunch
  2. Thank you meeting
  3. Public recognition
  4. Impromptu time off
  5. Post a shoutout on LinkedIn
  6. Travelling trophy
  7. Peer-to-peer appreciation
  8. Out-of-office meetings
  9. Make a donation in their name
  10. Handwritten notes
  11. Gift cards


 How to reward your employees


Team lunch

Chances are you don’t see your employees much outside of the office setting. Taking your team out for lunch or having it catered to the office can boost morale. What better way to bring people together than free food?

With a hybrid work style, getting all employees in one room can be challenging. To avoid workplace isolation, consider sending vouchers or having food delivered to remote employees and bring on-site and remote employees together on video chat. Try to keep shop talk to a minimum and use this time to get to know your team as people, not just your employees.


Thank you meeting

Calling an employee into your office doesn’t always have to be for something negative. Whenever it warrants, call an employee to let them know you see their hard work.

Recognizing employees doesn’t always have to be elaborate; a simple face-to-face “good job” can go a long way.


Public recognition

Public recognition can be as formal or as casual as you want.

If you have a more formal rewards and recognition program, end your year with a banquet to celebrate everyone’s successes and award those employees who’ve outdone themselves. Give weekly shoutouts or send a mass email whenever an employee hits a milestone for a more casual vibe.

Publicly recognizing employees allows other staff to see what an outstanding employee looks like. Ideally, more and more of your team will model this behaviour, and soon enough, you’ll have a team of superstars.


Impromptu time off

A spontaneous afternoon off or late start is a great motivator can be a great motivator.

Receiving an email saying “take a half-day and enjoy the afternoon off” is always a pleasant surprise. This type of reward is beneficial for those employees who don’t have an off button.


Post a shoutout on LinkedIn

For many professionals, career development is of the utmost importance. But to advance your career, you need to prove your worth. When you want to shout out an employee, do it on their LinkedIn. A strong public recommendation will give them more credibility and strengthen their employee value proposition.


Traveling trophy

A moving or travelling trophy can be a creative way to get employees engaged and reward them for the fantastic work their doing. Whenever an employee goes above and beyond, they can have the trophy for a set amount of time until it’s passed on to the next exceptional employee. The trophy can be any object like a silly hat, a bedazzled stapler or a figurine. All we ask is that you have fun with it!


Peer-to-peer appreciation

In addition to their own efforts, leaders should encourage employees to recognize one another. Dedicating a physical or digital bulletin board for employees to give on-the-spot praise and recognize their colleagues. Another option is a monthly or quarterly award given to an employee voted by their co-workers. Not only is this a great way to show employee appreciation, but it will build relationships and foster belonging in your team.


Out-of-office meetings

Sometimes all it takes is a little change of scenery. When you want to switch things up hold meetings outside of the office. When the weather warms up, you can schedule meetings outside and even do walking meetings. And on those not-so-nice days, move your meeting to a local coffee shop! Getting out of the familiar environment can be a nice reset and give employees something to look forward to.


Make a donation in their name

If you have an exceptionally charitable employee, reward them by donating in their name to a favourite organization of theirs.


Handwritten notes

Handwritten notes are a classic, easy and inexpensive way to put a smile on your employees’s faces. They’re personal, thoughtful and sincere, making them a staple for a reason. Rather than sending an email and adding to what feels like a never-ending inbox, a handwritten note can stand out.

Gift cards

Give a token of your appreciation through a gift card. Whether it’s $10 or $100, you can never go wrong with monetary rewards. The beauty of gift cards is that it allows for guilt-free spending. Unlike cash, your employees won’t feel motivated to spend it on necessities and can only be used at its designated location.

Recognition and rewards don’t have to be complicated. No matter your budget, any employer is capable of implementing an impactful reward and recognition program.



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