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Hurontario Light Rail Transit (HuLRT) Project “The Big Move”

June 27, 2024 -

Benefits of the Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project


The Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project forms a part of the transit priorities set out in the regional transportation plan adopted by Metrolinx in 2008 known as “The Big Move”, a traffic solution intended to resolve the congestion and transit backlog issues in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. In commemoration of the former Mississauga Mayor, Metrolinx is naming The Hurontario Light Rail Transit (HuLRT) project the Hazel McCallion Line. When up and running the $4.6 billion project will run 18-kilometres along Hurontario Street in Mississauga and Brampton and help connect riders to municipal transit systems. Teaming up with Metrolinx the City of Mississauga’s Transit Program office is steadily working on bringing this project to life and is expected to be in service in September 2024.  As Mississauga and Brampton continue to flourish with new residents and businesses, sustainable and reliable transit is imperative to the region’s growth.

HuLRT Route

The Hazel McCallion line will run along the following stations:

  • Port Credit
  • Mineola
  • North service
  • Queensway
  • Dundas
  • Cooksville go station
  • Fairview
  • Burnhamthorpe
  • Robert speck
  • City Centre
  • Eglinton
  • Bristol
  • Matheson
  • Britannia
  • Courtneypark
  • Derry
  • Ray lawson
  • County court
  • Brampton gateway terminal

Benefits of HuLRT

  1. Enhanced Public Transit

Reliable and Efficient Service

The HuLRT will provide a reliable and efficient transit option, featuring dedicated tracks that separate it from regular traffic. This ensures consistent travel times, free from the delays caused by road congestion, making it a dependable choice for commuters.

Increased Transit Capacity

With the ability to transport a higher number of passengers compared to traditional buses, the HuLRT will accommodate the growing population and transit demand in the region. This increased capacity will help alleviate overcrowding on existing transit services.


2. Environmental Sustainability

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Hazel McCallion line will be powered by electricity, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to diesel-powered buses. This transition to a cleaner mode of transportation supports the region’s environmental goals and improved air quality.

Encouraging Sustainable Practices

By providing an attractive alternative to car travel, the HuLRT encourages more people to use public transit, reducing the number of vehicles on the road. This shift can lead to decreased traffic congestion and lower overall emissions.


3. Economic Growth

Increased Jobs

The construction and operation of the HuLRT has created numerous jobs with 800 workers on site daily. From construction workers and engineers to transit operators and maintenance staff, the project will create employment opportunities that benefit the local economy.

Stimulate Local Businesses

Improved transit access can attract businesses to the corridor, fostering economic development. Increased foot traffic around transit stations will likely benefit retail, restaurants, and other local businesses.


4. Improved Quality of Life

Reduced Commute Times

The HuLRT offers a faster and more reliable alternative to driving, reducing commute times for residents. Time saved on commuting will enhance the overall quality of life, providing individuals with a better work/life balance.

Accessible Transit

Designed with accessibility in mind, the HuLRT will feature low-floor vehicles, priority seating, and accommodations for passengers with disabilities. This ensures that transit is inclusive and comfortable for all members of the community.


5. Urban Development and Community Building

Revitalizing Urban Spaces

By attracting investment and development to the Hurontario corridor, the HuLRT can revitalize urban areas, transforming underutilized spaces into thriving community assets.


6. Connectivity and Integration

Seamless Transit Connections

The Hurontario LRT will integrate with existing transit systems, including GO Transit and MiWay, providing seamless connections for passengers. This enhanced network connectivity will make it easier for people to travel across the GTA, fostering greater regional mobility.

Enhanced Accessibility to Key Destinations

With 19 stops along the route, the HuLRT will provide convenient access to important destinations such as jobs, employment centers, educational institutions, shopping centers, and recreational facilities.


Key facts of HuLRT

Route Length:

  • Total 18 km of light rail transit


  • 19 stops including four major transit hubs


  • 6 transit and rail connections:
  • Go Stations at Port Credit and Cooksville
  • Mississauga Transit Way
  • Square One Go Bus Terminal
  • Key MiWay and Brampton Transit Routes
  • Maintenance and storage facility for rail vehicles at Highway 407


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