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30 Exit Interview Questions to Improve Retention

April 16, 2023 -

Improve your business with these exit interview questions


It’s hard to see good talent leave, but exiting employees can provide a ton of insight on improving your retention plan. While it’s still valuable to conduct stay interviews, some employees’ responses might be jaded by the idea they need to keep on the company’s good side. Departing employees, on the other hand, can offer insightful, honest feedback.


What is an exit interview?


An exit interview is a survey or interview held with employees about to depart from the company. The exit interview allows employees to discuss their reasons for leaving and their overall work experience at the organization.

This type of interview can be conducted in person, virtually, over the phone or sent as a survey. Exit interviews typically consist of 5-10 questions and take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

When asking the right questions, you can identify trends or issues causing people to leave. When you take this information and learn from it, you can make company changes accordingly better employee job satisfaction and ultimately increase your employee retention.


Get the most of your exit interview with these 30 questions.


30 Exit interview questions

  1. What made you look for a new job?
  2. Do you think your job description has changed during your time here? If so, explain.
  3. Do you think your achievements were recognized adequately by management?
  4. Do you feel you were given the proper tools and resources to succeed in the onboarding phase and throughout your time with us?
  5. How would you describe the company culture?
  6. What aspects of your new job are you most excited about?
  7. Did you share your concerns with anyone before deciding to leave?
  8. Are there any concerns around working for this company you would like to share?
  9. What was your favourite part about working here?
  10. What does your new position offer that influenced your decision to leave?
  11. Did you feel valued during your time here?
  12. What things could managers have done better?
  13. Would you ever consider returning to this company in the future?
  14. Were you comfortable talking to your managers?
  15. What was the worst part of your job?
  16. Describe one of your best days on the job.
  17. Describe one of your worst days on the job.
  18. How would you go about improving employee morale?
  19. Did you ever receive feedback to help improve?
  20. What would you change about your job?
  21. Would you recommend our company to a loved one looking for employment?
  22. How could we improve our training and onboarding processes?
  23. How was your workload? Was it too light, too heavy?
  24. How did you find the performance review process?
  25. What could have been done for you to remain as an employee here?
  26. Were you given clear goals and expectations?
  27. What benefits or programs do you feel are missing from our company?
  28. What advice would you give new hires?
  29. what skills and qualities do you think we need to look for in your replacement?
  30. Were you and your supervisor able to work together effectively?



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