5 Writing Skills and How to Improve Them

Written communication skills are a necessity for a prosperous professional career. Whether you are writing an email or a dissertation, quality writing will consistently demonstrate attention to detail and intelligence.

Why else are writing skills important? Your ability to communicate begins during your job hunt. Brushing up on your writing skills will help you write a standout cover letter and resume to get the job of your dreams. Being able to write proficiently will allow you to communicate efficiently but also give you credibility. No matter where you are in your career, you should always strive to improve your communication through writing.


  1. Clarity

Clarity is what helps your audience understand your message. To begin, understand what your goal is. Then, outline all the points you need to hit to ensure you meet your goals. Using simple language and avoiding too much jargon ensures your message is sent out loud and clear.

  1. Concise 

When writing, you want to get straight to the point. Conciseness is what will help maintain clarity, as discussed above. Think about how you can communicate your message as efficiently as possible. Practice this whenever you are drafting an email. Think to yourself, is there an easier way to say this? Can you effectively convey your message in two sentences rather than three?

  1. Tone 

Tone refers to the ‘voice’ you are writing in. For example, does your writing need to be formal or casual? Depending on the medium and the company you are writing for, you will find variations in the tone you should be using. Another way to determine tone is understanding who your audience is. Understand who the demographic is you are addressing will determine the type of language you use.

  1. Structure

While the content of your writing should be appropriate and effective, it should also be visually appealing. Ultimately you want your text to be reader-friendly and keep your audience engaged. Your structure depends on the type of delivery method. Headings, numbered lists and bullet points are just a few ways to make your writing dynamic. For example, if you are writing a job description, you should consider using lists to avoid big chunks of text.

  1. Grammar 

Mistakes happen but consistently making the same typos or grammatical errors lacks professionalism. Make it a habit to proofread everything at least two or three times. Editing programs can be helpful tools but remember they are not the end all be all. Thorough editing ensures that your writing is grammatically correct and verifies you effectively utilized the previously discussed skills.


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