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How to Tell if Your Interview Went Well in 7 Signs

May 1, 2022 -


How to understand if your interview went well


Do you go through the same routine after every job interview? You leave relatively confident thinking about how the interviewer laughed at your joke and seemed pleased with your answers. But then you start to second guess yourself. You become fixated on every little mistake you think you made. Like that one question you fumbled on or when you paused too long before answering.


So how do you really know if your interview went well? Read on further for 7 signs you aced your interview.


7 signs you nailed your interview


  1. Interview ran longer than planned
  2. Built a rapport with the interviewer
  3. Interviewer looked engaged
  4. Introduced to potential colleagues
  5. Interviewer gave you next steps
  6. You were asked about other job prospects
  7. Asked closing questions



Interview ran longer than planned

If your interview was scheduled for half an hour but went over an hour, that means the hiring manager is interested in you as a candidate. Time equals money. The hiring process is heavily time-consuming, and recruiters won’t waste time talking to you if you aren’t a strong contender. A more extended than planned interview indicates that the interviewer liked what you were saying and wanted to hear more.


Built a rapport with the interviewer

Another good sign an interview went well is when the interview just flows. Rather than feeling like an interrogation, the interview should feel like a conversation. When you start to have a natural back and forth, almost like talking to an old friend, you know you made a good impression. When you and the interviewer mesh well together, it’s also a sign of an excellent cultural fit.


Interviewer looked engaged

Non-verbal cues speak highly about what your interviewer is thinking. Look at the interviewer’s body language. Are they smiling? Maintaining eye contact? Leaning forward? If so, those are all signs the interviewer is engaged with you. When you see these signs of engagement, know the interviewer is genuinely interested in you as a prospective employee.


It can be a little trickier to spot the signs if you’re interviewing over video. Positive body language to look out for is making eye contact with the camera and sitting up straight in their chair.


introduced to potential colleagues

A good indicator your interview is going well is meeting people you weren’t scheduled to. If the hiring manager introduces you to others in the company, they view you as a potential colleague.


If this happens in future interviews, be friendly to make a good first impression. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions about company culture and the work environment. Use this time wisely, as it’s a chance to test the waters and decide if this is the place and people you want to work with every day.


Interviewer gave you next steps 

An employer who wants you will ensure you understand the next stages of the hiring process. If the interviewer goes into detail on the timeline for next steps, they’re interested and want to keep you in the loop. Hiring managers who are clear on the next steps demonstrate that the company has an organized interview process and regularly practices transparency and honesty with their applicants and their employees. If the interview is coming to a close and you are asked to book a second interview, things are looking up for your candidacy.


You were asked about other job prospects

Another good sign is if the interviewer asks about other potential job opportunities. If an interviewer asks about this, it means they are determining how fast they need to move you through their hiring process. If you have other opportunities on the line, the hiring manager might feel pressure to hire you quickly. If you’re already booking second interviews before the first one finishes, you are highly considered for the job.



Asked closing questions

Closing questions ask about possible start dates and submitting your notice at your current job. These questions are a good sign as the interviewer is thinking about moving you to the next stage in hiring.


Like being asked about the next steps, the interviewer is eager to bring you onboard and wants to ensure you feel the same way before the competition swoops you up.



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