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Live Assets Guide to Effective Recruitment: A 5-Step Process

September 23, 2023 -

Unlock the Keys to Successful Recruitment with Live Assets


Are you considering partnering with a recruitment agency but uncertain about what to expect? Whether you’re in the market to hire top IT professionals or are seeking new employment opportunities, Live Assets | IT Staffing Solutions has got you covered.


To ensure the success of every placement, we’ve meticulously structured our interview process into five key steps:

1. Client Check-in: At the outset, we engage with our clients to thoroughly understand their requirements. Our aim is to immerse ourselves in your technical environment and gain a comprehensive understanding of your company culture. When evaluating candidates, we prioritize qualifications and compatibility with your organization’s ethos.


2. Phone Screening: After a thorough review of our pool of potential candidates, we initiate an initial phone screening tailored to assess their technical capabilities. This screening is customized to match the specific skills and attributes our client is seeking.


3. Skills Matrix Template: Candidates who successfully pass our technical evaluation then collaborate with the client to complete a skills matrix template. This template serves as a comprehensive map of candidates’ skills and qualifications, enabling a more precise determination of their suitability for the position.


4. Online Interview: As we approach the final stages of the process, we extend invitations to the remaining candidates for a face-to-face interview. This interview serves as a behavioral assessment and further evaluates the candidate’s technical proficiency. It represents the last hurdle before candidates are presented to the client.


5. Interview Prep: At this juncture, our recruiters have concluded the interview process and have selected the top three candidates. These individuals will then proceed to interview with our client. In this fifth and final step, our team works closely with the talent to adequately prepare them for their upcoming interviews.


While our recruitment process may appear extensive, our remarkable 97% fill rate demonstrates its effectiveness. Ensuring access to top-quality candidates necessitates a comprehensive assessment of their skills and qualifications, resulting in optimal outcomes for our clients.


At Live Assets, we are committed to delivering exceptional staffing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re seeking the perfect candidate or exploring new career opportunities, trust us to guide you through the recruitment journey with expertise and precision.


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Live Assets is a boutique IT Staffing/Recruiting firm specializing exclusively in building IT teams of excellence for the Information Technology sector.

We are a small, but productive team that works closely together and has had a 96% success rate for the past number of years!

We have a diverse number of clients and industries and focus on both full-time and contract I.T. opportunities.

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