Why Online Presence is Necessary During a Job Search?

August 28, 2020 -

The world we knew once has come a long way. From commuting to work every morning to getting the same done literally from anywhere. It is now dominated by an interconnected system where information is readily available in a structured way. This has now allowed organizations to recruit candidates virtually. That is why job seekers should now start paying more attention to building their online presence. (Rather than shooting resumes with identical cover letters.)

As a job seeker, you might think that since you are already active on social media you’ll get easily noticed by recruiters. However, it is not that simple. It doesn’t work like that. Social media platforms only help you replicate your identity in the virtual world. Building an online presence mainly depends on the type of information you are sharing publicly.

So, what does having an online presence actually mean?

Online presence is nothing but the digital footprint that you leave behind after sharing any meaningful content about you or your work. Done through various mediums where information is publicly available. Based on the type of information you share, the algorithms will present it with individuals having similar interests. That’s how you get discovered online.

It can be a blog post about you or your work, a tweet, photos on Instagram, or your comments on a public forum. All these manipulate the way you appear in the virtual world. Moreover, it also gives you a chance to stand out in the crowd if you follow a few basic guidelines that I’ve shared below.

But before proceeding to that: let’s first know why building an online presence has become the need of the hour.

Importance of Creating a Great Online Presence for a Job Search

The virtual identity of a person has become one of the most valuable assets. In the cyber world, you are exposed to millions of people who are willing to connect to the right person. This means that there are many opportunities waiting for you to get discovered. And the only way it is possible is by strengthening your online presence.

Many recruiters now prefer shortlisting candidates based on their online persona. Which is now more powerful than a resume. Suppose you are an individual who is really good at computer programming. If you are regularly posting your thoughts by sharing projects on various platforms, it establishes you as a person who is really passionate about his or her work in front of the digital headhunters looking for the best talents.

Further, the stronger your online presence is the higher will be your credibility which would help you easily connect with individuals sitting at the top position.

How to Improve Your Online Visibility?

Every great thing takes time and the same applies while you’re creating a great online presence. Your online presence depends on a number of things which include personal branding, networking, and presenting yourself as a problem solver rather than a normal job applicant.


A few basic guidelines that you must follow for enhancing your online visibility:

Define Your Area of Interest

When building your online visibility you cannot act like the jack of all trades and master of none.

You must be clear on your mind about the field of work you want to be in. When you clearly define your interest, the web algorithm automatically identifies it and matches you with similar prospects.

This allows you to build a strong career-oriented path where you can apply your skills to get the job done efficiently.

Create Meaningful Content

After defining your area of interest the next step is creating meaningful content. This can be in the form of a detailed blog, infographics, or just a simple post regarding your work.

You can also share details about your projects or findings that will help your followers gain new insights and present you as a qualified professional.

Reach Out to Like-Minded People

The third step in the process of building a good online presence is to make connections with as many people as possible belonging to your line of work. Once you start reaching out to people you’ll come to know about the various demands in the industry.

It’ll allow you to learn from experienced professionals and hone your skills to grab the desired opportunities whenever they knock your door.

Offer Free-Solutions

Another great way to grab attention in the virtual world during your initial phases is by helping others with your skills without thinking of any monetary returns. This will help you gain in-depth knowledge and experience which massively boosts your credibility.

Once people start noticing your dedication they’ll automatically start connecting with you and refer you to those searching for passionate problem-solvers while building a team.

Keep Yourself Updated

You must always keep a close eye on what’s happening around you and how it is going to impact your industry. For this, you can either join some online groups and take part in forum discussions where you can keep your thoughts.

This increases your chance of getting discovered by expert professionals who could be looking out for young talents like you to work with them.

Share Your Achievements

You might have a lot of achievements to your name. But they won’t bring you goodwill unless you share it publicly. Whenever you post your wins and achievements on online platforms. LinkedIn for example, it displays your willingness to keep on learning and progressing.

This presents a very good image of you in front of your online audience by validating your skills and abilities which every employer looks out for in a potential candidate.

Be Consistent in Your Efforts

Consistency is the key to success when you’re creating your online presence. Once you’ve started building your virtual profile there’s no looking back or stopping at a certain point. You constantly need to put out great content. Keep building connections, and repeat the same things to stand out in the crowd.

Once you see that your profile is getting constant hits and the views on your posts are increasing, you can be sure that you’re heading in the right direction.


Author: Anjan Pathak

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