Softening the Blow: Recruitment Agencies and The Great Resignation

Softening the Blow: Recruitment Agencies and The Great Resignation

September 25, 2021 -

The ‘Great Resignation.’ It sounds like something out of a history textbook, except it’s happening right now. Since April of 2021, we have seen a trend of employees quitting increase. These resignations are shown to be the highest in the tech and healthcare industries. Approximately there has been an increase of 3.6% more healthcare professionals and 4.5% of tech employees quitting their jobs compared to last year.


So why is this happening? The pandemic forced many industries like healthcare and technology to work in overdrive. High demand was placed on these industries and caused many individuals to increase their workloads and suffer burnout. Since 2020 many professionals have begun to re-evaluate their priorities in their personal and professional lives. They started recognizing how their work was not accommodating their needs, and they finally got tired of it. Multiple sources reported that employees quit to seek out better health and wellness, diversity, opportunities for growth and better training programs.


Covid-19 caused many individuals to realize their workplaces weren’t offering the things they needed. Luckily recruitment and staffing agencies have a lot to offer, especially in a time like this. An agency can help both companies and professionals looking for work in a variety of ways.


First things first, you need to get back up and running. A recruitment agency can get your staff back up to full speed. We all know how long the hiring process can take, and after this mass exodus, it could take companies a year or more to recover. A recruitment agency can hire and onboard new staff much faster than choosing traditional hiring methods.


According to a report Amdocs released, 37% of individuals are looking for companies to improve corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts in areas such as diversity. Recruitment agencies have professional networks that are constantly growing with people with unique backgrounds and experiences. This talent is diverse in age, gender, race and skillset. Implicit bias is very serious yet happens much more often than we think. Hiring through a recruitment agency can eliminate bias and help you build a team with diverse skills and perspectives.


Onboarding and training are essential steps in setting employees up for success, and this process sets the tone for their workplace experience and ensures they have all the necessary tools to get the job done. 33% of individuals worry about training opportunities disappearing with an increase of remote work. A recruitment agency can take over if you’re unsure how to navigate onboarding, particularly in a remote setting. With your assistance, an agency can conduct the training process and ensure new hires feel prepared.


Recruitment agencies are experts in the field. At Live Assets | IT Staffing Solutions, we specialize in information and technology and stay up to date on industry trends. Working with a recruitment agency gives you access to this knowledge and is a brilliant resource for staying ahead of your competition. A staffing agency is one step to staying proactive in situations like this.


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