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Tech Events and Conferences in Canada, 2023 Edition

August 20, 2023 -

Canadian Tech Events and Conferences 2023


The Canadian tech landscape is a dynamic hub of innovation, and what better way to tap into its pulse than by attending tech events and conferences? These gatherings not only showcase cutting-edge technologies but also foster networking, learning, and collaboration among industry professionals. Here’s a closer look at some of the top tech events and conferences in Canada that you won’t want to miss:



Elevate 2023 (Toronto, ON)

Elevate is Canada’s largest technology and innovation festival, featuring multiple tracks covering subjects like AI, healthtech, fintech, and more. Attendees can participate in workshops, panel discussions, and hands-on experiences with emerging technologies.


C2 Montréal 2023 (Montréal, QC)

C2 Montréal is a unique event that blends commerce and creativity. Combining innovative formats, experiential activities, and inspiring speakers, it sparks new ideas and encourages unconventional thinking in the tech and business realms.


Startupfest 2023 (Montréal, QC)

Startupfest celebrates startups, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. The event features pitch competitions, workshops, and networking opportunities to help startups grow and succeed.


CanUX 2023 (Ottawa, ON)

CanUX is Canada’s largest and longest-running annual UX event. It focuses on user experience design, bringing together UX professionals to share insights, trends, and best practices.


Data Marketing Toronto 2023 (Toronto, ON)

For those interested in data-driven marketing, Data Marketing Toronto offers a platform to explore the latest trends in data analytics, AI, and digital marketing strategies.


Big Data Toronto 2023 (Toronto, ON)

This event caters to data professionals and enthusiasts, featuring keynote speakers, workshops, and exhibits that delve into big data, analytics, and AI technologies.


DevTeach 2023 (Montreal, QC / Vancouver, BC)

DevTeach is a comprehensive tech conference for developers, covering software development, cloud computing, and emerging technologies. It features a mix of technical sessions and workshops.


Toronto Global AI Bootcamp 2023 (Various Cities)

Part of a global initiative, this event focuses on artificial intelligence and machine learning. It offers a platform to learn from experts, dive into AI concepts, and explore real-world use cases.


GROW Conference 2023 (Whistler, BC)

GROW Conference is an annual event that gathers entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders to discuss trends in technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation.


BCTECH Summit 2023 (Vancouver, BC)

BCTECH Summit showcases the latest advancements in technology, featuring speakers, panels, and interactive exhibits on topics ranging from cleantech to digital health.


Mobile Growth Summit 2023 (Montreal, QC)

Focused on mobile marketing and growth strategies, this summit offers insights into user acquisition, retention, and monetization for mobile apps.


SaaS North 2023 (Ottawa, ON)

SaaS North is Canada’s largest SaaS conference, connecting SaaS companies, investors, and thought leaders. It covers scaling strategies, sales, marketing, and fundraising.


Futurpreneur Canada’s Entrepreneur Forum 2023 (Various Cities)

This forum targets young entrepreneurs, providing them with tools, resources, and networking opportunities to kick-start their ventures.


Open Source Summit 2023 (Vancouver, BC)

For those interested in open-source technologies, this summit explores the latest trends, innovations, and collaborations within the open-source community.


These tech events and conferences in Canada offer unparalleled opportunities to learn, connect, and immerse yourself in the ever-evolving tech ecosystem. Whether you’re a startup founder, developer, designer, or tech enthusiast, attending these gatherings can provide you with insights, inspiration, and valuable connections to propel your journey in the tech industry forward.



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