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How to Attract and Retain Gen-Z Talent

January 14, 2024 -

Meet Generation Z


Generation Z, or Zoomers, as they call themselves, are the newest cohort to enter the workforce. Born between 1997 and 2012, they’ve grown up with technology and are the first generation to be considered digital natives. They’re tech-savvy, deeply care about social causes, and are the most diverse generation yet.


With the Boomers soon retiring, Gen-Zers are expected to make up 30% of the global workforce by 2030. This generation is unlike any other, and the same old recruiting tactics aren’t going to work for them.


7 Tips for attracting and retaining Gen Z


  1. Leverage online platforms
  2. Campus Recruitment
  3. Update job descriptions
  4. Promote healthy work/life balance
  5. Genuine corporate social responsibility
  6. Show clear growth paths
  7. Limit geographical barriers


  1. Leverage online platforms

With their social media experience, this generation sure knows how to sell themselves online, with 53% of college students believing the importance of personal branding. Posting jobs or reaching out through LinkedIn is a great way to connect with these individuals.


  1. Campus Recruitment

In addition to online channels, Gen-Z job seekers still value face-to-face connections. You can build trust with this generation and even get further insight into what they’re looking for from employers. On-campus job fairs are a perfect strategy for connecting with the newest talent pool. To continue being invited back for events, maintain good relationships with the universities and colleges near you.


  1. Update job descriptions

Many of these individuals are eager to look for work but need help knowing where to start. According to a 2021 LinkedIn survey, 29% of Gen Z job seekers stated this as their biggest challenge.

Unfortunately, many job postings out there don’t accurately describe the position. You might miss out on many qualified candidates because of mislabelling your job postings. Entry-level jobs requiring three years of experience are something that just isn’t realistic when first breaking into the workforce.


  1. Promote healthy work/life balance 

Have you ever heard, “I work to live, not live to work”? Well, that’s Gen-Z’s motto. Don’t mistake this for them being lazy, though. This generation will stay loyal and put in the work, but they also prioritize their health and well-being. Creating a work culture that focuses on work/life balance by introducing wellness perks and seeing your employees as more than a number will surely capture Gen-Z’s attention.


  1. Genuine corporate social responsibility 

80% of Gen-Zers look for jobs that align with their values and beliefs, so don’t think you can pull the wool over this generation’s eyes. Almost all companies center on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in their missions, but do they actually mean it? Gen-Z are like super sleuths in that they can spot inauthenticity a mile away. They won’t just take your word at face value, so be prepared to back up your initiatives during interviews. Need help figuring out how to prepare?

Here are some questions you can expect to test your DEI initiatives.


  1. Show clear growth paths

Unlike Millennials, who are invested in the gig economy, Gen-Zers seek long-term positions. Financial assistance for graduate degrees, on-the-job training, mentorship programs, and internal job boards are some ways you can help further these candidates’ careers. This cohort will stay loyal to you if you have opportunities for them to grow.


  1. Limit geographical barriers

Gen-Z are digital natives. Even without formal education, many are well versed in and applying technology. With COVID-19 putting online learning to the forefront, this generation already has years of experience equipping them for remote work. Location is no longer an issue, with three-quarters of Gen-Z stating they want to work remotely. This is excellent news for employers as you’ll have an even larger talent pool to work with when hiring.



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