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Canada’s Top Tech Hub Is Its Capital City

June 27, 2024 -

Ottawa: Where Innovation is Born

In the heart of Canada lies a city with a booming tech scene, where innovation and opportunity meet – Ottawa. Known for its historical landmarks, rich history, art and culture and as the nation’s capital, Ottawa has transformed into a tech hub attracting some of Canada’s top tech talent and established tech leaders.

Why Ottawa?

Besides being Canada’s capital, Ottawa has a robust tech sector with the highest tech talent concentration of 88,000+ (13.3%) in North America. Over the last 5 years Ottawa has seen a 16.6% increase in employment. With 1,800+ tech companies Ottawa has an abundance of employment opportunities.

The Rise of Kanata North Tech Park

If you’re looking for someone to thank for Ottawa’s status as a tech hub look no further than Kanata North Tech Park.

Just 26 kilometers from Ottawa’s downtown core is Canada’s largest tech park Kanata North.  In the early 1970s Denzil Doyle bought 56 acres of farmland with the dream of building a tech park. Over the next forty years, Doyle facilitated the investment of millions of dollars in software and telecommunications and grandfathered the region’s transition to technology manufacturing.

Today, Kanata North houses more than 540 companies with majority in the tech sector. An analysis found that the park contributes over $13 billion to Canada’s GDP per year. With Kanata employees four times more productive than the Canadian average the park fosters an environment where local and international businesses can reach. success and make a global impact.

Trends and Growth

One of the notable trends in Ottawa’s IT job market has been the sustained growth in demand for skilled professionals The city’s thriving technology sector, fueled by an influx of innovative startups and established tech giants, has created a robust demand for talent in software development, cybersecurity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Key Industries Driving IT Hiring in Ottawa

Government Technology Initiatives: Ottawa, home to our nation’s capital, has seen continued investment in technology initiatives. From modernizing public services to enhancing cybersecurity measures, the government’s commitment to digital transformation has spurred job opportunities for IT professionals.

Emerging Startups: The city’s vibrant startup ecosystem has played a pivotal role in shaping the IT job market. Startups focused on fintech, health tech, and clean tech have been actively recruiting talent, contributing to the city’s reputation as a hub for innovation.

Fastest Growing Companies in Ottawa

  1. Trellis Corporation
  2. Trycycle Data Systems
  3. ZeroTek Inc.
  4. ai
  5. io
  6. Zenbooks
  7. Fellow
  8. io
  9. Member Lounge
  10. Knak Inc
  11. Rewind

Tech Giants’ Presence: Established technology companies have expanded their operations in Ottawa, further diversifying the IT job market. These companies, attracted by the city’s talent pool and favourable business environment, have brought new opportunities in software engineering, cloud computing, and research and development.


IT Skillsets in Demand 2024

The demand for specific skill sets has evolved over the past year, aligning with industry trends and emerging technologies. Some of the in-demand skills in Ottawa’s IT job market include:

Programming Languages: Proficiency in Python, Java, Linux, C# and JavaScript is highly valued.

Cloud computing: As cloud services become more and more embraced, expertise in platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud has become essential.

Cybersecurity: With cyber threats on the rise, professionals skilled in cybersecurity practices and ethical hacking are in high demand.

Data Science and Analytics: The ability to derive insights from data has become crucial, driving demand for data scientists, analysts, and machine learning engineers.

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