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6 Tips to Foster a Positive Remote Work Culture

July 11, 2022 -


How to Build a Positive Work Culture?


Remote work comes with many benefits. These benefits include larger talent pools due to no location limits, lower operating costs, flexibility, and even improved employee happiness. However, employers have to foster strong remote work culture if they want to reap any of these benefits.


If you’re unsure where to start, check out our 6 tips to foster a positive remote work culture:

  1. Get your onboarding right
  2. Prioritize face-to-face interactions
  3. Team challenges
  4. Recognize accomplishments
  5. Encourage “watercooler” talk
  6. Foster work-life balance



Get your onboarding right 

With remote employees, they must be set up with the proper equipment and tech they need to get the job done right away. Because of this, it’s essential you get onboarding right the first time. Keep new hires in the loop about your onboarding plan and what their first few months will look like.


Recruitment agencies are experts at all things hiring, including remote onboarding. Remote onboarding is still relatively new for many companies. Working with an agency such as Live Assets | Staffing Solutions can take care of onboarding and ensure your remote employees are set up for success.



Prioritize face-to-face interactions

Face-to-face interactions are often more effective than written or audio-only communication. Unfortunately, remote employees’ primary communication is through email or telephone. This puts these employees at a higher risk of experiencing workplace isolation.

Prioritize video calls and hold regular meetings to ensure your remote employees don’t feel left in the dust.



Team challenges

“All work with no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This old saying holds a lot of weight in the context of remote employees. To keep in-office and work from home (WFH), employees engaged with each other adds a little fun through online challenges. For example, fitness challenges are a great way to encourage camaraderie and wellness in your employees.


Not only will this help create strong team bonds, but it will also add a bit of fun and have employees excited for work.


Recognize accomplishments

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. WFH employees might feel overlooked for their work compared to their on-site colleagues. Make it a point to foster a culture of appreciation and recognition by letting remote employees know you see them—host virtual appreciation sessions or during meetings. Be sure to give shoutouts to any employees who’ve outdone themselves.

Another suggestion is to create a digital “warm and fuzzy” board for employees to recognize their co-workers.


Encourage “watercooler” talk

Using instant messaging channels like Slack or Signal can help simulate the classic “watercooler talk” that remote employees would otherwise be excluded from. Try to connect employees with similar interests and create social groups where employees can discuss topics other than work. Making these personal connections will help build trust and team bonds. This results in more effective teamwork and collaboration, all of which will be reflected in their work.


Foster work-life balance

When working from home, the lines between work and home get blurred. While in-office employees might clock out around 5 pm, work from home employees are more likely to work past business hours.


Encourage your employees to separate their work from life by unplugging at the end of each work day. If you need to send a message outside of work hours, specify that employees need not respond until the next business day. Doing so will lessen burnout and create more rested and happier employees.



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