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How a Recruitment Agency Can Help you Hire Passive Candidates

May 1, 2022 -

Find passive candidates with a recruitment agency


When describing the candidate you’re looking for, you’ll probably say they have a positive employment history with years of experience filled with knowledge and skills. This person sounds perfect, except the only catch is they most likely aren’t actively looking for a new job. You might feel there is no good talent available, but these forbidden candidates aren’t so forbidden.


Being able to locate, catch the attention and successfully hire a passive candidate is critical to hiring in today’s tight labour market.


What are passive candidates?


Passive candidates are anyone in the labour market not actively searching for a job. These passive candidates might be content or even feel challenged at their current companies, but they aren’t opposed if the right opportunity arises.


Why you shouldn’t overlook passive candidates


The person you want for the job most likely is already employed. They have years of experience and niche skills and knowledge perfect for your vacancy—this type of candidate like to align their benefits and needs with opportunities. When recruiting passive candidates, they are more likely to be engaged in the process, reducing integration time and increasing productivity. As a result, hiring a passive candidate will give you a faster return on your investment.


LinkedIn has divided the global workforce into passive job seekers and passive job seekers. 70% of the labour market comprises passive job seekers, while the remaining 30% are actively searching for a new job opportunity. If you only focus on those actively searching, you’ll miss out on an entire talent pool. When given a good enough offer, almost anyone can be convinced to switch jobs which is why it’s not feasible to ignore this market segment.



How a recruitment agency can help you find the best candidates


Passive candidates are tricky to find which is why its key to work with recruitment agencies to find them. Top technical recruiters like Live Assets | Staffing Solutions have vast networks and constantly work with passive candidates. It’s not as easy as posting a listing on Indeed, but it can be that easy when you work with a specialized recruitment agency.


The matter is that staffing agencies have a wider reach than hiring alone. When recruiting independently, you miss out on a huge chunk of the labour market: passive candidates.


Specialized recruitment firms have built relationships with their candidates. IT recruitment firms like Live Assets use a human approach and understand their candidates and skills. They also know their preferences, and with this in-depth knowledge, recruiters can predict which opportunities their candidates might be interested in before they even see the listing themselves. Ultimately, a recruiter can help you unlock this portion of the market and help you hire top talent.



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